Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day Manicure

My Christmas day manicure!!!!

Colors I Used:
Accent Nail- "Ruby Pumps"-China Glaze and "Pearl Black"-Kiss Nail Art
Other Nails- "First Time"-Pure Ice and "White"-LA Colors Nail Art

How I did It:
Since Christmas was just a few days away when I did this manicure I knew I wanted a festive look. So I decided to paint a cute, red and green presents. First, I started by painting all my nails, except for my ring finger, "First Time" from Pure Ice. I painted my ring finger "Ruby Pumps" from China Glaze.
Next, I painted the bow design. To do this, I painted a cross on all of my nails. Then, I added the two loops for the bow and the ribbon ends. Lastly I added jewels to the center on each bow and sealed with a top coat. It really is that easy and very quick! Plus I loved the festive look it gave my nails.
Love and Nail Polish,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reindeer NAILS!! with Santa!!

Colors I Used:
Reindeer- "French Lingerie"-Rimmel,
"Totally Toffee" and "Hot For Chocolate"-Revlon,
"Black Lace Cream" and "French White Tip" from NYC

Santa- "French Lingerie"-Rimmel, "French White Tip"- NYC,
"Primary Color"- Finger Paints, (To make the smile and nose I mixed "Primary Color" with a light pink.")

I did this manicure a few weeks before Christmas. It definitely wasn't my favorite nor the best nail art I have done. However, it was pretty cute!
Love and Nail Polish,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Birthday Haul and Review!!

Since I have amazing friends and they know I have a nail polish addiction. I was given some nail polish for my Birhday!! There isnt many gifts that can top loads of polish haha. I ended up getting 10 new polishes. A set of Crayola polish (yes! like the crayon Crayola), a set of stripers from Kiss and three random polish from Pure Ice.

L to R- Bubble Gum, Grape, Blueberry and Green Apple from Crayola. Yes, this is the same company that makes crayons. My friend knew I liked crayons so she found it comical that they also made nail polish. The Pink and purple polishes are a little sheer, but with 2 coats the color looks great. Also, each polish is a scented polish, and they all smell amazing!

L to R "Rock Star"Pearl Black" and "Yellow" from Kiss Nail Art Paint. So far I have used "Pearl Black" and "Yellow." I really like the smoothness of the brush because it applies well. Also, the length of the brush is good for nail art. The polish is great and applies very opaque. Plus usually when you buy these in a set a set of rhinestones or nail stencil are include.

L to R- "Once Again," "No Means No" and "First Time" from Pure Ice. I had a chance to use all three of these polish and all of them are great.
"Once Again" is a blue, glitter packed polish. It is really thin polish, so it took about four coats. But the fine, light blue glitter is amazing!
"No Mean No" is a royal purple polish and very pretty. It is very opaque so it only take one coat, two at most to get good coverage.
"First Time" is a medium green metallic polish that gives your nails a foil look. I am currently wearing it right now and really like it. I applied two coats but you  probably could go with one. The polish has a nice shine to it. However, I had some brush strokes when I applied the polish.  But it could be the brush in my polish.
All three of these polishes are great and I can't wait to use them in other mani's

Also, I got a Manicure Clean-Up Pin!!! I LOVE THIS THING!!! Any time I make a smudge or mess up on nail art. I can get this pen and it gently removes the polish without removing the base coat. The pen came with two changeable tips. So when one gets dirty I will have a new one. So far I have really liked the pen and it has worked great.

Over all the colors in my Birthday Haul were great and I can't wait to use them in my future manicures.

Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Polish Review! "Totally Toffee" Revlon

I have had this Polish for a while now. But today I figured I would do a review on the polish. I got this polish about a year ago from Wal-Mart for around 4.00$. It is a great light brown polish and the brush is wide enough without being too wide. However, it is a very thin polish and takes 3 to 4 coats to get the thickness I prefer.  Over all this color isn't my favorite. But it has a nice shine and is great for nail art.
Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nail Haul and Review: December (Satisfying My Addiction One Polish at a Time)

NEW NAIL POLISH!!! I am adding three more nail polishes to my always expanding nail polish box. Last week, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and purchased "To-Teally Chic" from Finger paints, "Ruby Pumps" a mini from China Glaze and "Sugar Plum Yum" from Color Club.
I haven't had a chance to try "To-Teally Chic" yet, but it looks like it will be a great teal color. I found this polish in the sale box so I bought it for 1.99$

"Ruby Red Pump" From China Glaze, is a great red, glitter packed polish. Since it was a mini I paid around 1.50$ for the polish. I used it in a recent mani and it took about three coats to get the coverage I prefer. But over all I love this Polish!

"Sugar Plum Yum" From Color Club is probably my favorite. It is a glitter packed polish with green glitter, blue glitter and purple hexes. Plus it is a scented polish and smells amazing!  I was so happy when I found it at our Sally's. This is first time I had seen this brand at the store near me. I got this polish for around 5.00$. I can't wait to use in a full manicure!!


I was very pleased with the new polish I bought. I can't wait to try them all out. Hopefully I will get that posted soon. Now I just need to get more polish!!! haha
Love and Nail Polish,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Tree and Lights

The week I decided to go for an all-out Christmas design. So I figured what was more Christmas than a Christmas tree and Lights.  I think the design turned out great and it is definitely one of my favorites!

The colors I used in this manicure are:
For the French Tip= "French Tip" from NYC and "French Lingerie" from Rimmel
For the Tree= "Camouflage" from Rimmel, "Hot for Chocolate" from Revlon and random colors for the ornaments
For the Lights= "Yellow" and  "Pearl Black" from Kiss. "Bright Orange" "Red Glitter" and "Green Glitter" from LA Colors

To start this manicure I painted a basic white French tip.
Next, I did the lights. To paint the lights, I used a fine tip striper in black. I painted wavy lines down my nails, occasionally doing a loop. Once, the line was painted I added small black lines coming from the main black line. This is the line where I started the bulbs. To paint the Bulbs I used four different stripers. The colors I used for the bulbs were "Red Glitter," "Green Glitter,"  and "Bright Orange" From LA Colors and "Yellow" from Kiss.  I carefully placed the brush on the small black line. Then, I pulled the paint out to make the lights look attached to the wire. The Lights could have been a manicure by itself but I decided to add a Christmas tree to my Thumb. To paint the Christmas tree, I started by drawing three triangles, making the different levels of the tree. Next, I filled in each triangle using "Camouflage" from Rimmel. To make the stump of the tree I used "Hot for Chocolate" from Revlon and painted a small rectangle at the bottom of the tree. For the ornaments I used a red, yellow and orange polish. I carefully placed dots around the tree using my dotting tool.  To finish this Christmas inspired mani I place a clear top coat over to protect the design. Over all this mani was slightly difficult but if you have a steady hand it can be easily done.

Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

GLOW/Black light mani

MY BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK!! For my 16th birthday, my Parents and I planned a small party. We decided to do a glow in the dark/black light theme. So I knew I needed an awesome manicure.
To paint this manicure I used "Rescue Me" from Pure Ice and "Strobe Light" from Pure Ice Crackle on my pinkie and index fingers. On my Thumb and Ring finger I did a plaid design using "Bright Orange" from LA Colors and (This polish had no name) from Stripe Rite. You can check out how I did the plaid design here  On my middle finger, I used "Magenta" and "Bright Orange" from LA Colors to draw a sixteen.  I tried to use colors I knew would glow under the black-light. However, the pink I used for my plaid design glowed orange instead of pink. Over all this manicure was really cool and the effect with the black-light on them was awesome!!

Colors I used:
"Strobe Light" from Pure Ice Crackle,
"Rescue Me" from Pure Ice,
"Black Lace Cream" from NYC,
(Unknown name) from Stripe Rite,
"Magenta" and "Bright Orange" from LA Colors.

Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, December 10, 2011


This week, I needed a quick mani and I wanted to start my Christmas designs. So after some thinking I decided to paint a snow man.
To start this mani I painted all my nails except my index finger "Scandal" from Pure Ice. On my index finger I used "French White" from NYC. After letting the base coat dry I added a sparkle polish from Pure Ice. This just helps the polish resemble snow.

To paint the snow man's features I used "Black Lace Cream" from NYC "Orange" from LA Colors. To make the eyes and smile, I dipped my dotting tool into black paint I placed on to an index card. For the nose I painted small orange stripe to resemble a carrot stick.
This was a super quick mani and I love the festive look it gave :)

Love and Nail Polish,

Monday, December 5, 2011

Puppy Dog Nails

WE GOT A PUPPY!!!! Last week my Parents surprised my siblings and I, with an 8 week old puppy. After, taking him to the vet we found out he is a German Shepherd/Chow mix. He is the most adorable thing ever!! He was also my inspiration for my manicure this week!

The colors I used in the mani were:
Base Coat: One coat of "Copperglaze Platinum" over two coats of  "Totally Toffee" both from Revlon.
Paw Prints: "Hot for Chocolate" from Revlon
Puppy: "French White" and "Black Cream Lace" from NYC, and "Totally Toffee" from Revlon.

To do this design I started by painting the base coat. I thought "Totally Toffee" was to dark and "Copperglaze Platinum" was too light. However, when I layered the polishes I loved the shade. I also added a matte top coat "Matte-ly in Love" from Hard Candy, to take the shiny from the polish.
After, the base coat dried I painted the paw print. To paint the design I placed a dot of "Hot for Chocolate" polish on an index card. Then using a random idem I found in my room that was the right width I place three dots on my nails, for the center of the paws. Then, to make the toes, I added four more dots using my dotting tool. Making the paws was super easy and I think they turned out great. Painting the puppy was a little hard though.
To paint the puppy I made a semi-circle using "French Tip." Next, I painted the eat using the same polish and a fine tip paint brush. After, the white had dried I made another half circle inside the white using "Totally Toffee" this creates the snout for the dog.
Lastly, I add the eyes, and nose using a dotting tool. To create the mouth I used a fine tip paint brush. Then drew a vertical line and then two small diagonal lines on the brown snout.
Over all this mani was fairly easy and I got a lot of compliments on it.
I also include a tutorial below that explains how to paint this cute manicure.

First video is how to paint the paws.

Part 2 is how to paint the Puppy.

Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Make Up Review: "Lash Tinsel" from Hard Candy

For all of you mascara lovers in the world, this is for you!! A few months ago a friend told me about "Lash Tinsel" from Hard Candy. This is clear mascara that leaves glitter sparkles behind after you apply it to you lashes. You can also buy the mascara in black that also has glitter mix in.  I usually apply the mascara over my black mascara. Then, I use a lash brush to smooth out the mascara clumps, if there is any. The only problem with this mascara is if your eyes are sensitive it could irritate your eyes. The glitter also makes you lashes really stiff. So again if you have sensitive eyes be very careful! Over all I love this mascara! If you have ever used this mascara or decide to try it feel free to comment your thoughts below.
Love and Nail Polish,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Vlog

I NOW AM VLOGING!!! After, spending a few days trying to figure out my camera and YouTube, I finally made my first video. Hopefully the videos will get better as I make more. I am hoping to get some nail tutorials up soon. But first I need to find sometime in my schedule. Anyways, sorry that the video is not amazing. If you know any tips that will help me while making them, please let me know.

Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Plaid Mani and Happy Thankgiving!!!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!!! I hope your Thanksgiving has been great!! I can't express how thankful I am to all of you who read and support my blog. The feedback I receive makes writing even more enjoyable. I am also thankful for a loving and forgiving God, supportive Family, great Siblings that make me smile and the Best Friends a girl could ask for. Oh and nail polish haha.
After an exciting day of cooking and eating, I have time for a quick post then I am off to do some Thursday pre-black Friday shopping.

For my Thanksgiving manicure, I decided to go with plaid using fall colors. The colors I used for this mani were, "Hot Tamale" from I Love My Nails, "Big Night Out" from Rimmel, "Magic" from Pure Ice and "Flower Girl" from Sinful Colors. Painting a plaid design is super easy; however, it requires a very steady hand. I started by painting my base coat using "Hot Tamale".
Next, I used "Big Night Out" and made a tic-tac-toe grid on each of my nails. Then, I used "Magic" and made another tic-tac-toe grid slightly off center near the first grid. To add a little sparkle I took "Flower Girl" and add two random lines to the grids. TA-DA, if you are a little unsure about how to paint this design, YouTube has some great tutorials. I am hoping to get some of my own tutorials up. But that is a work in progress. Over all this manicure turn our rather good. I think it would look better with some other colors but I love the design.
Well again I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing.
Love and Nail Polish,

Friday, November 18, 2011

News Paper Nails

After a dis-hearting failure at comic strip nails I decided to try newspaper nails. THESE ARE SO EASY!!!! And super cute! I ran across this design a while back but never had the chance to do them. Since I am going on a youth retreat this weekend, I was hoping to show off some cute comic strip nails. But after, that failing (I need some more practice) I decided to do this design. This design was a lot easier and quicker then I excepted and I think they turned out great for my first time.

For this mani you will need:
  White Nail Polish
   Rubbing Alcohol
   Small Container
   New Paper (DUH)
   Top Coat

To start you will need to cut out 1 by 1 inch squares of newspaper. It doesn't matter what it saids. When the words copy on your nails they will be backwards, so you can't read them.
Next, paint your nails a solid white. I used "French White Tip" from NYC.
Once, the polish has dried complete. Pour some of the rubbing alcohol into a small container. Any kind of container will work.
Then, carefully dip the newspaper strip into the alcohol. Make sure the piece is fully wet before placing it on your nail. I left each piece in the alcohol for about 3-5 seconds.
After, taking the newspaper out of the alcohol carefully lay it on your nail. Push the paper as hard as you can onto your nail, rolling you fingers back n' forth over the paper. Doing this will help the ink go on to you nail. I pressed mine on for about 30 seconds before I peeled the newspaper off. The harder you rub and the longer you leave the paper on your nail, the darker the pigment of the writing will be on your nail.
Lastly, apply a thick coat of top coat. This is a a necessary step because the ink will rub off quickly unless you add the top coat.
That's it! It really is that easy. Hopefully I will figure out how to do the comic strip nails soon and I will post them. But for now I am going to show off these creative newspaper nails.
Love and Nail Polish,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cherry Blossom Nails

Just a quick post about my weekend mani before I head off to bed. This week, I decided to do cherry blossoms on my nails. I have wanted to do this design for a few weeks now, but I had not had the time to paint them.
For this manicure I used  "White" from I Love My Nails to paint the base of the manicure and "Splash" from Pure Ice to paint the blue french tip.
Once the base was dry I painted the cherry blossoms and the limbs. To paint the design I used my dotting tool, a fine tip paint brush and a wide brush. I did not have the shade of brown polish I needed, so I ended up mixing some dark brown, a little of black acrylic paint and "Warm and Fozzy" nail polish from OPI.
Then, I carefully paint the limbs in random directions using a fine tip paint brush.
For the flowers I used "Flirt Alert" from Pure Ice and some white acrylic paint.  To paint the flower buds, I used my dotting tool and  for the flowers on my thumb and ring finger I used a wide pain brush.
When I started this design I wasn't sure how to paint the flowers. So I watched some video tutorials off of YouTube. This made the whole manicure a lot easier. I definitely could use some more practice on painting the flowers, but I love the way it turned out. Well that is my manicure for this week and I am heading to bed. Have a good night, my dear readers.
Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This week, Mom and I went shopping. I already knew I was going to be looking for new polishes. However, I didn't know what I would fine along the way. When, I was at JCPenny and saw they carried OPI polish in their salon. I really like OPI polishes the only thing is I never seem to have enough money to get ALL the colors I want. But Monday, I was able to buy three OPI polish for only 7.50$. I had received a 10 dollars off 10 dollars coupon in the mail and the JCpenny salon was having a buy two get one free. AWESOME deal, I know. If you have a JCpenny near you I would definitely go check it out. I was even more excited when I found out that the salon carried the Muppet's collection!! I was a fan of the Muppet's when I was little and when I found out they had a collection coming out I knew I HAD to get a few polishes. I ended up with "Warm and Fozzy" my absolute favorite. It is a brown polish with a little hint of some duo-chrome mixed in. I also got "Getting Miss Piggy with It" this polish is packed with red glitter and it apply very easy. The last color I got wasn't from the Muppet's collection but it caught my eye and I decided to buy it. I got "Silver Shatter" from the crackle collection. I have wanted to try an OPI crackle since it came out but I just never got around to buying one. I wanted to try the black crackle but since I already had a back, white and gold from other brands, which I liked I decided to go for the silver. I can't wait for use the polish and hopefully I will be able to get them up soon.
Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ying Yang MANI!!!

Since I loved my ying-yang pedicure so much I decided to do the design on my nails. This mani took about two hours and lots of thinking about how to get the design right. I decided I didn't want to paint the ying-yang symbol on all my fingers so I decided to paint it just on my thump and ring finger. To get the design straight I used and pencil and a permit marker to draw the outline. Then I filled the online in with my black and white polish using a small tip paint brush. For polishes I use "Liquid Leather" from China Glaze and "White" from I Love My Nails. For the rest of my nails the design was very easy. I used the same colors but painted French tips. Then I used my dotting tool to paint the small designs on the tips and a fine tip brush to paint sliver line. For the silver polish I used "Silver" from LA colors. I debated on adding some glitter but I never got around to it. Over all this mani was semi easy, the hardest part was getting the ying-yang symbol correct. This is probably another one of my fave mani.

Until next time.
Love and Nail Polish,

Sunday, October 30, 2011

POW!! Hand-painted nail design

Oh how I love doing nail art!! Usually I don't have the time or the patient to do a time consuming nail design. However this week I decide I wanted a challenge so I decided to paint these POW nails. This mani took three to four hours to do paint. Probably one of the longest manicures I have done in a while. For the base coats I used "Blue Collar" from Orly, "" from Revlon, and "Free Fall" and "Wild Thing" from Pure Ice. For the yellow color I layered "Excuse Me" from Pure Ice over "Lemon Fizz" from China Glaze. For then Black and White I used "Liquid Leather" from China Glaze and "White" from I Love my Nails.
This design looks a lot easier than it was too created. But I love the way it turned out.
Love and Nail Polish,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I usually don't post my pedicure designs, but I absolutely LOVE this one! I recently saw a manicure design using the ying-yang symbol. I really liked it and have wanted to do this design on my nails. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to do it yet. However, I did get it on my toes!!!

I have to say, this is probably in my top 10 favorite pedicure designs!! It was super easy to paint and very quick. I used "Liquid Leather" from China Glaze for the black and "White" from I Love My Nails for the white. But any black of white will work just as well. Now I can't wait to do this design as a manicure. Hopefully I will get around to that soon.
Love and Nail Polish,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Nails

One of the biggest trademarks of fall, are pumpkins and that pretty much sums up my manicure for this week. I surprised myself with being able to achieve this design. Because I honestly didn't think I would be able to get the pumpkins painted right. But I think they turned out pretty good for my first time.

  For this mani I used "Magic" from Pure Ice on my thumb and ring fingers. This is a brown-ish/red polish and it looks amazing for fall inspired designs. For the rest of my fingers I used "Big Spender" from Pro. On the nails with "Big Spender" I used my dotting tool to paint six vertical lines of dots in the same colors that were on my pumpkins. To paint the pumpkins I used three different paint brushes and my dotting tool. I ran in to some problems with the shades of polish. So I ended up mixing "Orange" from LA Colors, "Sunny Side Up" from Wet and Wild and "Lemon Fizz" from China Glaze to make the three colors for the pumpkins and the stem of the pumpkins.  First I free handed the outline of the pumpkins in one of the shades of polish I made. Then using my dotting tool and a medium paint brush I filled in the outline. After, letting the base coat of the pumpkin dry, I added the stem and the highlights with my small tip paint brush. Over all this mani took about two hours total and it was a great fall design.

Love and Nail Polish,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Candy Corn Nails

I was going to a party this past weekend and I wanted a cute, eye catching manicure. I looked at doing spider webs, leaves and a few other designs and I finally decided on Candy Corns!!

Look good enough to eat? ok well maybe not that good haha
This mani was super easy! For my two accent fingers I used "Big Spender" from Pro. This is my first time using this polish and so far I really like it. The polish takes about two coats to apply and it is a great gold shade. Also, the polish does not chip easy and the brush is a great size. I plan on using this color for a lot for future manicures. For my other nails I used "Orange" and "Yellow" from LA Colors and "White" from I Love My Nails. I first thought it would be easiest to tape each nail to get a straight line. But after using tape for one hand I decided it would be easier to just free hand. I also did the candy corns free hand. For them I first drew the outline in white. Then, I painted the orange, yellow and white letting each dry in between. For my ring finger I used the same colors and my dotting tool to make the dots in straight lines. This manicure took about an hour or so. But most of the time was spent waiting for polish to dry before I added the next color. I really liked the way it turned out and I got a ton of complements.
Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nail Polish Shopping + Some

Left to Right: "Lemon Fizz" China Glaze, "Gold Crackle" Salon Perfect
"Chelsea" & "Starry Silver Glitter" from NYC, "Big Spender" from Pro,
"Gray's Anatomy" and "The Gold and the Beautiful" from Wet N' Wild.
Today, I went out with my grandmother to do some very enjoyable nail polish shopping!! First we too Sally's Beauty Supplies. I got two polishes one was "Lemon Fizz" from China Glaze. This polish was on sell for a 1.99 and I do not have a light yellow, so I had to cave in and buy it. I also got "Big Spender" from Pro, this polish was a soft gold color and only around 2.50 I think. I have never used this brand before, so I am excited to see if I like it or not. While I was there I picked up two highlighting caps, for my future highlights. (I hope to get black in my hair soon.) I also picked up some Miracle Nail Fix polish. Hopefully this will help when I break my nails.
   Next, we went to Walmart. I had saw some polishes there so we ran by to pick them up. However, as always I ended up getting more then I planed. I bought "Starry Silver Glitter" from NYC. This polish was 98 cents and looked like an exact dupe for a Sally Hanson polish that was also sitting on the shelf. I also bought "Chelsea" which was  NYC In a Minute color. This polish was about 1.57.  I also got "The Gold and The Beautiful" and "Gray's Anatomy" both from Wet N' Wild. "The Gold and The Beautiful" is a gold packed glitter polish and I think it will look great with some falls designs I have in mind. "Gray's Anatomy" looks like a soft duo-chrome color. This was one color I wasn't intending on getting but since I only had one duo-chrome polish I really wanted needed another one. Both of these were around 2.00$. The last color was "Crackled Gold" a crackle polish from Salon Perfect. This is a brand I have never heard about. I'm interested to see how it crackles compared to the other brand I have used.
After leaving Walmart, We went by Walgreens, and CVS. I was looking for two more polishes and the new brand 2012. Sadly I wasn't able to find any of them. But oh-well on the plus side that means I have an excuse to go nail shopping again soon.

Love and Nail Polish,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dotted French Tips

For this manicure I wanted to do a cute but eye catching design. I already had the base coat painted, which was "Peppermint Chrome" from Boggi. I really liked this polish, it was a nice shiny chrome and last for about 5 days without chipping. For the tips I decided to use "Positive Energy" from Nicole by OPI and "Liquid Leather" from China Glaze. To do the design I used my dotting tool and rotated black and silver dots over my tips. This main took about two hours. But most of the time was waiting in between layering more dots. But overall it was very easy and I really liked the way it turned out.
Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Nail Haul

Left to Right: "Positive Energy" from Nicole by OPI, "Venus" and "Lunar" from Almay
"Peppermint Chrome" from Boggi Chrome Crazy Nail Paint,
"Nina" from Ulta Pro, "Instigator" and "Violet Light" from Revlon,
and "Blushalicious" from Orly

This weekend I had the chance to visit my Aunt. While I was there I decide to paint my nails and She let me use some of her Polish. Since she knew I had an obsession with nail polish so She gave me some of her polishes!! I thought she was going to give me one or two bottles. But I ended up with eight!! So far I have only had the chance to use two of the polishes above and I really like them. I hope to blog about then soon, along with the rest.
Love and MORE Nail Polish,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Red-Jelly and Glitter Sandwich

Once again I needed a quick mani because of a busy week. I needed a pick me up color so I decide to go with a deep red color. Red manicures always seem to brighten up my day. If only it wouldn’t leave my nail so tinted after I take the polish off. For this mani I used "Primary Color" from Finger Paints. Since I was doing a sandwich I only used one coat. Then I added two coats of "Party of Five Glitter" from Wet N' Wild. If you all haven't notice I'm in love with this color lol. To finish my sandwich I painted one more coat of "Primary Color". This isn’t a detail manicure like some of the ones I have done before. But it is defiantly cute, quick and easy.
YES!! Both of my middle finger nails broke... They were already chip and I had glue them back but they were just breaking worst. One almost broke completely off. So I decide it was time to cut them. I am debating on cutting the rest off. But I just don't know if I can part with all of them ha-ha. What do you do when you nails break?

Love and Nail Polish,

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I absolutely love this color!! When I bought this polish I thought it would be a great fall color, because of the dark purple/red shade. The cost for this color was around a dollar. So it was very affordable. When I painted the polish on my nails I was a concerned it would be a little dark for me. I placed a coat of "Dream" from sinful colors underneath it, hoping it would lighten the color. However, the polish seemed to lighten the longer it was on my nails. This polish took about two coats and it applied very smooth. The brush was really nice and I had no brush strokes left with I was done painting.
 Even though this polish by itself was amazing, I decide it need a little more sparkle. I add one coat of "Party of Five Glitters" from Wet N' Wild. I'm not big on solid colored manicures so this added just enough sparkle for me.
If you have never tried a N.Y.C color it is definitely a brand worth trying.
Love and Nail Polish,

Here and extra picture I took, while I was taking pics of my finger. I absolutely love taking pictures of flowers.

Friday, September 30, 2011


When I found out Lion King 3D was coming out, I knew I had to see it. I made plans with a friend and we both decided to go see it on Saturday. On Friday I was looking at my nails and decided that I wanted to do something Lion King inspired. After much thinking I decided to do safari animal print. I picked out five different animals and decided to do each print on a different finger. Over all I loved the way it turned out.

What ya think?
For the giraffe print, I layered two coats of "Un-Zip Me" from Pure Ice over one coat of "Copperglaze Platinum" from Revlon . To paint the giraffe spots I used a small paint brush and "Totally Toffee" from Revlon.
To Paint the cheetah print, I used "Copperglaze Platinum" "Totally Toffee" and "Hot Chocolate" from Revlon. To see the way I painted the cheetah technique check out my cheetah print post.
This is the second or third time I have done tiger print. It seems like I get better every time I do this design. For the base, I used one coat of "Big Night Out" from Rimmel under one coat of "Hot Tamale" from I Love My Nails. For the stripes, I used "Liquid Leather" and use a paint brush to carefully draw on the lines. 
A close up on my Lion print nail.
For the Lion design, I used two coats of "Gold Dust" from Pure Ice layered under one coat of "Un-zip Me" from Pure Ice. I took me a little while to decide how to get the point of a Lion across, since it doesn't really have a certain print. I first started but sponging a little of "Hot Tamale" and "Copperglaze Platinum" half way down my nails. Then, I mixed "Copperglaze Platinum" "Totally Toffee" from Revlon and "Magic" from Pure Ice on an index card. I took a hard bristle brush, dipped it in the paint and quickly dragged it across my nail. This created the look of hair across my nail. It turned out really good on my left hand, but not as well on my right.

For the zebra print, I used "Super Star" from Pure Ice and "Liquid Leather" from Finger Paints. I did this design the same way as the tiger design, except I drew the lines a little different.
For my green nail, I used "Camouflage" from Rimmel as the base coat. Then, I used "Liquid Leather" for the writing.
Over all this mani took about 3 hours and I love it!! Plus the movie was amazing!!! :)

Love and Nail Polish,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pink Sponge Mani

This week I was looking for a cute but quick mani. I thought about a few designs and I finally decided on another sponge technique. I was in a pink mood so I picked three pink polishes. I used "Love" "Flirt Alert" and "Free Fall" all from Pure Ice. I started this mani by painting a thin coat of "Free Fall" on all of my nails. Then, I sponged "Love" at the tips. When I had fully covered the tips, I sponged "Flirt Alert" in the middle and "Free Fall" at the end. I loved the way each color blended together. The sponge effect is definitely one of my favorite techniques. For my Index finger I decided I wanted something a little different than the rest on my nails. So I decided to do a glitter and jelly sandwich.  I started with two coats of "Free Fall" and then applied one coat of "Party of Five Glitters" I love this polish!!! Once that was dry I used another thin coat of "Free Fall" to finish my sandwich. This was the first time I had ever done a glitter and jelly sandwich. So far I really like the design and I cant wait to do more manicures this way.  Over all this mani was really quick and super cute. XOXO's
Love and Nail Polish,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Crackle Tips

When I did this manicure, I wasn't sure how it would turn out. But I ended up loving the way it looked.

For the blue base coat in this mani I used "Hottie" from Sinful Colors. Since the color was a sheer it took about three coats to show up good. After, the blue dried I apply my new white crackle "Flash" from Pure Ice. I was concerned the white wouldn't crackle as well since I was layering it over a glitter polish. The polish crackled a little slower than normal, but it did turn out correctly. To add a bit more sparkle I decide to add a sideways gold stripe. For the gold I used "Flower Girl" from Sinful Colors Fine Tips.  I love the way the color combination turned out in this mani. One of my friends said the colors reminded her of the Disney movie "Cinderella" so now I can’t help but call these my Cinderella nails. Over all this mani was sure cute and very easy.

Love and Nail Polish,

Friday, September 16, 2011

More Nail Polish :)

ANOTHER NAIL POLISH HAUL!!! Oh how I love going nail polish shopping. Getting new bottles always makes me smile. After, getting my permit (which I was extremely thrilled to have), I went by Walgreens and picked up these four colors.
Aren't they pretty!! haha
Left to right: "Night Prowl" from Wet N Wild. This polish is a dark black, with lots of fine purple glitter. In the shade the polish looks like a regular black. But when the sun hits it just right you can tell it is filled with lots of purple glitter. I think it was about 99 cents, so it was a very reasonable price. I put this color on my toes and I really like it.
Next, is "Party of Five Glitters" also from Wet N Wild. I LOVE this polish. It is filled with small glitters, medium glitters and even hexagon glitters. I can't remember the price on this one, but I think it was around a dollar.
The third polish, in the picture is "Hottie" from Sinful Colors. This color reminds me of "Last Friday Night" from the Katy Perry collection from OPI. I saw "Last Friday Night" a while back and I looked up some pics of it to see if it was similar. "Hottie" seems to be a little lighter but a very close dupe. This polish was around 1.99$ and I really like it. However, it is a pain to remove because of all the glitter.
Fourth, is "Flower Girl" from Sinful Colors. This polish is one of their fine tip polishes. I loved that the color is a nice gold, instead of being to orange or yellow gold color. The polish also applies very easy and was only around a dollar.
The last polish is "Flash" from Pure Ice. But this is not just a normal white, it is a crackle polish. I have been wanting a white crackle, but I had not had the chance to find one yet. So when I saw this little bottle on the display I knew I had to grab it. This polish was 3.99$ but totally worth it. I am still curious how the OPI, Finger Paints and Sally Hanson's crackle polish work. What are you opinions on what is the best one?
I also found out that Pure Ice and Sinful Colors have a Halloween collection out. I was kinda disappointed in the Pure Ice collection thought. Because there were no new colors besides a new Glow N the Dark and a Black Light polish. The Sinful Colors Collection was really nice. It had a lot of fall colors that will look good.
Over all I am very satisfied with my new polishes and I sure you will be seeing them again soon.
Love and Nail Polish,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Glow N' The Dark Mani

My nails now GLOW in the DARK!! I couldn't wait any longer, I had to see the way it would turn out.

For this mani, I used "Rescue Me" from Pure Ice which I talked about in a previous post. It took about 4 coats to get this polish to really show up because of how sheer it is. For my index finger I decided to see how the polish would do over another color. So I painted both of my middle fingers "Wild Thing" from Pure Ice. When I layered "Rescue Me" over the polish it applied easy and only took about two coats instead of four coats. Layering the polish didn't change how much it glowed but it did tint the polish slightly.
After, wearing the regular Glow for a day or two I decide to add a black crackle. The crackle I used is "Strobe Light" from Pure Ice. I decide to do both sideways and regular crackle for a little bit of a different look.
 After, painting the crackle I realized my nails were not going to glow as much because of the black polish. So I added another coat of "Rescue Me" over the crackle. It made the black a lighter shade. But it did not change it much at all and it glowed just the way I was hoping it would. I loved turning off all the lights and watching my nails glow with a greenish light.  Over all this manicure was easy and very cute.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Different Kind of French Tips

After, failing at a design a friend wanted me to try I decide to go with a different kind of french tip for my mani.

This week I decide to just go with a funky French tip design.

For the base coat on my nails on used "Dream On" from Sinful Colors and for the tips I used "Risk Taker" from Pure Ice. I thought the plain tips didn't look cool enough so I decide to add abstract stripes and dots to the tips. I did the light silver stripes in my fine tip "Silver" from L.A Colors. The Black and White Dots are done using my dotting tool in "Liquid Leather" from China Glaze and "White" from L.A Colors. After, doing that design I decide it still wasn't enough so I did a sponge effect on the tips. I used "Kiss Me Here" from Pure Ice and then I sponged on a small amount of "Liquid Leather." I sponged the gray about half way down the tip and I placed the black about a 1/4 of the way down the tip. This design wasn't amazing. But I did think it was cool and my boyfriend loved them. For some reason the past few mani's I have done, have not amazed me. I'm not sure why, I think is because I haven't had time to do a time consuming design lately. Oh! the joys of school... However, I did learn something new about the sinful colors polish. I didn't clear coat my nails because I did not want to design to last long. I thought the purple color would look a little matte. The first time I painted them, the color was matte until I used a clear coat. This time after a few hours of wearing the color it became shiny. I'm not sure if the color needs to set or what but it did shine after some time. I also found out the Sinful Colors flakes EXTREMELY easy. I wore this mani for about three days and it looked like I had worn it for a week or longer. This is definitely a color that needs a top coat.

Over all this mani
XOXO, Love and Nail Polish,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pure Ice Polish Haul

Look at all those colors lol. These are some rather new polish I have bought. Some of them I haven't even had a chance to use. All of them came from Walmart, they have a wide selection of Pure Ice colors. So usually I get most of my Pure Ice polishes from there, plus it is really cheap like 1.99 per bottle.  Here is some close ups of the pics and also their names

Right to Left: "Unzip Me",  "Busted", "Dreamy" "Free Fall", "Risk Taker", "Heart Breaker"
and "Rescue Me"
So far I have really liked using all of the Pure Ice colors. Which polish from Pure Ice have you tried?
Love and Nail Polish

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pure Ice-Rescue Me (Glow In The Dark)

I recently Googled a list of Pure Ice nail polishes. One of the first colors that popped up was "Rescue Me". I had seen this color at Walmart and sorta liked it but I had not bought it yet. That was until I found the list and right under its name it read GLOW IN THE DARK! I think I literally squealed in joy. It has been years since I owned glow in the dark polish. I was thinking about going out and getting the Glow polish from the China Glaze, Haunting Collection. Most likely I still will because I want to see if the polish is any different from the Pure Ice. Today when I bought this polish, I came home, held it up to the bathroom light, and cut ALL the lights off just to see if it really did glow. When I saw the green-ish light come from the bottle I was even happier.

I can't wait to see how this polish turns out on my nails.
Hopefully I will get to use it soon
Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I think today's title pretty much sums up the picture of my nails.

So what ya think?
This is the second time I have tried Cheetah print. The first time I did it on my big toe. I meant to get a pic of them before I took it off because I also used my Sally Hanson Duo-chrome polish. But sadly I totally forgot. Anyways, it took about 2 hours to accomplish this mani and was EXTREMELY easy. When I first decided to do this design I thought I was going to be a lot harder. But I was surprise how quick and easy it was.
For this manicure I used "Hot Chocolate," "Copperglaze Platinum" and "Totally Toffee" from Revlon. For the purple accent nail I used "Scandal" from Pure Ice and a fraken I made. This was the first franken I have ever done and I was super excited to paint it on my nails. I loved the color; however, I think it needs more glitter and sparkles. I might work on that some more later. I still haven't picked out a name for my new franken. Any Ideas?

To paint the design I started with a base coat of "Copperglaze Platinum" It is a sheer goldish color so it took about two coats. I do not like this color plain, but I think it's a great base for designs.

 On my ring finger I painted a coat of my new nameless franken. This also took about two coats. After, the base coats dried I dipped out some "Hot chocolate" polish on to an index card. Then I dipped the tip of my dotting tool into the paint. To apply it on my nails I did small "c" and backwards "c." This made the dark outline for the print. I did the same on my light purple nail except I used "Scandal" since it is a deep purple shade. When this had dried I again place some more polish onto the index card. This time I used "Totally Toffee" I used my dotting tool and painted in between the dark "c" I had already painted. I thought this color made a good contrast with the other colors on my nails. On my Ring Finger I did not paint inside the lines. I debated on using another purple or a silver but I thought I would be to distracting. When I finished the mani I painted a light top coat and TA-DA my
Cheetah-lioush nail were ready to roar.
Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Naked Nails...

Just a quick post, before I head off to bed. I recently went to a sleepover, so I took ALL my polish off before I went. After, removing all the polish I painted on a clear coat. I can NOT stand not having a coat of so kind of polish on my nails. For some reason my nails hurt and feel funny with a coat. Am I the only one this happens too? Or does it happen to you too?  When the top coat was dry enough I decide to take so pics, So you could all see my lovely, amazing, naked nails...

Awful looking huh? I heard if you soak your nails in lime juice it takes the yellow away. I have only tried it once and that was a long time ago. I don't thing it changed them much, but like I said I only tried it once. 

Love and Nail Polish

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Something that made my Night!!!

Well, I was sitting here reading stalking all the nail blogs I read and I decided to check my own blog. I was going to post something, but I have to water mark the pictures first...  Oh the joys of water marking. Anyways, I decided to update my wish list. As I was scrolling down my blog I realized I had a FOLLOWER!!!!!! AHH I literally screamed in joy!! I have only been blogging for about two maybe almost three months and honestly I didn't excepted to be out there in nail blogging world by now. But tonight reminded me that hard work and committing myself to writing does pay off. I definitely needed to be reminded of this tonight, because I start school back Monday. I have been dreading all week getting back to pains and aggravation of school life. Plus school seems like it is going to be harder this year and I am also planning of going to college when I graduate high school. So I have all the stress of that lovely stuff going on in my life. I have been praying God leads me in the direction I should go for college. But tonight was a little reminder that all my hard work will eventually pay off. It might not be quickly but eventually it will.

Thanks Jenna for following, you made my night.
XOXO's Love, Nail Polish and Smiles,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Watermelon Nails

What's one of the biggest summer time foods everyone enjoys? If you guessed watermelon then you guessed right! Haha. I figure since watermelon was a trade mark for summer I had to do it on my nails. I wasn't quite sure how to begin doing this nail design so I looked up some pictures and got a pretty good idea how to do the design.

I started by painted my nails a solid reddish/pink color. This is going to be the base of the watermelon. I used "Vineyard" form Pure Ice for my base color. I first thought about using one of my red colors but in my opinion using the red for a base coat makes the design look more like strawberries instead of watermelons. After I painted my base coat I let it dry a few hours before doing details. I knew I would be using note book page reinforcer to get a good curve in my tips and I definitely did not want the sticker to stick to my nails. I placed the stickers at the tip of my nail and painted it a deep green color, I used Camouflage from Rimmel. While I waited on the color to dry, I placed a few drops of "Wild Thing" from Pure Ice onto an index card. When my nail tip became tacky I painted another coat of "Camouflage" and then used a dotting tool, I applied the "Wild Thing" green to my nail. I had some trouble getting the greens to blend together the way I wanted them to with my dotting tool. So I decided to try a tooth-pick. That also didn't work so I tried using a paint brush. This work very well and was super easy. After, the green polish dried, I peeled off the stickers. This time I had no trouble peeling them off. When all the stickers were off I took my fine tipped white which is "White" from LA Colors and drew a small white line under the green to resemble the rind of a watermelon. The last step for this mani is seeds. I used "Liquid Leather" from China Glaze. I found out that using my dotting tool and slightly pulling the small black dot down works better than a tooth-pick. But both will do fine. I put three small dots on each finger but you can do more depending on what you like. Over all this mani was fairly easy and I really loved wearing it around.
Until next time,
Love and Nail Polish,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sun-Set Sponged Nails

I did this about 3-4 days after I painted the design.
 I free handed the palm tree with some black polish.

Today, while I soaked up some sun rays I decide to paint my nails. Since, summer is coming to an end for nail world, I decided to use something bright. I originally thought my watermelon nails would be my last summer mani but they didn't last as long as I except and I kinda got tired of them. I knew I wanted to use yellow in my manicure but I wasn't really sure how. I played around with some colors and designs for a bit, before I decided I would give the sponge effect a whirl. I had never done a full sponge mani before. But today I decide i wanted to try something new. I looked at several shades of reds, oranges and yellows. I never realized how many of these colors I had. I finally decided on four colors, they were. "Excuse Me" from Pure Ice, "Sunny Side Up" from Wet N' Wild, "Yellow" and "Orange" both from LA Colors.

For the sponge effect I started with "Orange" at my cuticle then I add "Sunny Side Up," "Yellow" and at the tip "Excuse Me". I had some trouble getting the polish on the sides of my nails so I used a paint brush the get near the sides. This mani took me about two hours to complete, however, I am somewhat of a perfections so it usually takes me a while anyways.  I was concerned about the texture of the effect. But after, I applied two coats of clear coat the texture was pretty much gone. I really wish I had the Kodad Stamper right now though. Because the palm tree pattern would look really amazing with the polish. Tomorrow, I might try to free hand a palm tree if I have time. But even without the palm tree I love the way the sponge effect turned out and will defiantly do it again. :)
What do you think?
Would you give the technique a whirl?

Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, July 30, 2011

CosmoProf?? Please Read if You Have Ever Been.

Well, I have spent about two or more hours reading blog after blog about the CosmoProf convention in Las Vegas. I did not know they offered this kind of stuff and I would love to attend the convention next year. It would be amazing to meet other crazy nail addicts like myself and also all that polish would be amazing to see. I was wondering if any of you all had any tips, suggestion, comments about the convention. Also how much would it cost to attend? I would love to hear from anyone who has been before so feel free to comment or email me.

Thanks a ton,
XOXO's Love and Nail Polish

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pink N' Sliver Toez

My awful Toes

This has been one of my favorite pedicure designs of all time. I like how simple this design is, but it is still sparkly and cute. I started off with "blissful" from In The Mood. This is one of my favorite colors in my polish collection. The reason way is because after you apply the polish to you nails it will CHANGE COLORS! When you are hot your nails will be white and when you are cold you nails will be a medium pink color. This is the only In The Mood color I have and I am on the lookout for more colors from this brand. Anyways back to how I did the pedi, for my big toe I did a sponge effect. To do the sponge effect, I dipped out, some nail polish and placed it onto an index card. Then, I took my sponge (just a regular sponge brush from the craft store) and dipped into the nail polish dot. From there I just lightly sponged on the pink. I did about two pink coats and then did the same with the silver. Then let it dry in between each coat. By the end of this pedi I think I had a total of three or four coats of silver and pink polish.  After, the polish complete dried I applied a top coat. For the rest of my toes I decide to do the pink as a solid color. I was concerned if I clear coated the polish it wouldn't change colors. However, I was wrong and it doesn't matter if you clear coat. The polish did stay on for about four days without clear coat before look slight shabby.  This is a super easy and quick pedi and I love how it turned out!

XOXO's Love and Nail Polish,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pure Ice Crackle

I am probably up way too late typing this, but I just couldn't wait! In my last post I wrote how I finally found the new Pure Ice Crackle polish at Walgreen's. Well I used it tonight!!! This was the first time I have ever used a crackle polish, and so far I really like the way it turned out.
Before I painted my nails I looked up some sites about how to do the crackle polish. I was assuming there was a trick to get the crackle to turn out as cool as it looks in the pictures. When I brushed the polish on I was shocked how it just instantly crackled. I was surprise how easy it was to apply and I think my nails turned out great.

For this Manicure, I used "Blue collar" from Orly, "Dream On" from Sinful Colors, "Sunny Side Up" from Wet n' Wild, "Wild Thing"  and "Cream Flirt Alert" both from Pure Ice. I decide to paint each nail a different color for a more playful effect. It also gave me a chance to see the how the crackle polish would do on different brands of polish. I thought the polish did the best on the nails with the Pure Ice polish as a base coat. It turned out the worsted on the Wet N' Wild polish. I am not sure if it was because I ended up putting two coats on crackle polish on the orange or if the was just the base polish. I also learned the thinner coats look better; at least that is what I think. I love how the polish gives my nails a punk-ish look but still looks clean and pretty. I am hoping to get more crackle colors and try more brands in the future
XOXO's                                                                                                                                                 Love and Nail Polish,                                                                                                                            Sierra.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Half-Moon Nails

I finally decided to try out the half-moon nail technique and I loved them!!! I started out by picking three different base colors. My choices were "Blue Collar" from Orly, "Wild Thing" and "Cream Flirt Alert" both from Pure Ice. I know it seems like I have been using these colors over and over again, which I have. But I do have more colors. I have just fancied these over my other colors lately. After, I painted the base coats in a rotating pattern, I applied the black which is "Liquid Leather" from Finger Paints. To make the half-moon effect I used note book page reinforcers. I placed them near the bottom of my nail on to the base coat. Then I painted the black on the upper part of my nail. I had some trouble get the stickers off my nails. I think it had to do with my fingers getting wet and it took a while for the polish to dry. Also, I was somewhat impatient with the drying process. Whoops!
After, I peeled the stickers off I dotted on four silver dots using my doting tool. The sliver is "Silver Mercedes" from Pure Ice.  After the dots dry I used one or two coats of clear coat just to protect my nails. For my thumb nail, I hand painted a design using a paint brush, and then used my dotting tool to apply more silver dots. Over all this manicure was fairly easy and I loved the way it turned out.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Adding to My Always Expanding Nail Polish Box.

Happy Friday!!! I hope you all have an amazing weekend. Well, my Friday was made so much better when I found these polishes. I think some people have begun thinking that I am obsessed with Polish. But, a girl can never, ever, ever have enough nail polish, lol.
Left to Right- Wet N' Wild "Sunny Side Up", Sinful Colors "Dream On",
Pure Ice Crackle "Strobe Light"  and Hard Candy "Matte-ly In Love"

While I was out, I picked up the Hard Candy "Matte-ly In Love" polish at Wal-Mart for only 4$. I was super happy. I have been seeing so many different people do matte nails and now I can't wait to try them out myself.

I FINALLY FOUND MY PURE ICE CRACKLE!! I was super happy! I saw the polish display, first thing when I walked through the doors at Walgreens. I automatically walked over and began scanning over all the colors. I found the black which is called "Strobe Light" for 3.99$. I figure the black would be a good color to start with, since I have never done crackle before. I have already started thinking of colors to put behind the black. I can't wait to use this polish.

Also, at Walgreens I found these two colors. I thought they looked very summer-ish and I just liked the colors. The orange is "Sunny Side Up" from Wet N' Wild. I had been looking for a creamy light orange color for about a month. When I found this one for only 0.99$ I knew I had to snatch it up.
The Purple is "Dream On" from Sinful Colors. I have never used this brand before so I am curious about how the formula will go on my nails. I guess I will be finding out soon.

I think I am soon going to need a bigger nail polish box.

Well that wraps up my nails polish findings :) Hope you all have an amazing weekend.
XOXO's Love and Nail Polish