Saturday, August 27, 2011


I think today's title pretty much sums up the picture of my nails.

So what ya think?
This is the second time I have tried Cheetah print. The first time I did it on my big toe. I meant to get a pic of them before I took it off because I also used my Sally Hanson Duo-chrome polish. But sadly I totally forgot. Anyways, it took about 2 hours to accomplish this mani and was EXTREMELY easy. When I first decided to do this design I thought I was going to be a lot harder. But I was surprise how quick and easy it was.
For this manicure I used "Hot Chocolate," "Copperglaze Platinum" and "Totally Toffee" from Revlon. For the purple accent nail I used "Scandal" from Pure Ice and a fraken I made. This was the first franken I have ever done and I was super excited to paint it on my nails. I loved the color; however, I think it needs more glitter and sparkles. I might work on that some more later. I still haven't picked out a name for my new franken. Any Ideas?

To paint the design I started with a base coat of "Copperglaze Platinum" It is a sheer goldish color so it took about two coats. I do not like this color plain, but I think it's a great base for designs.

 On my ring finger I painted a coat of my new nameless franken. This also took about two coats. After, the base coats dried I dipped out some "Hot chocolate" polish on to an index card. Then I dipped the tip of my dotting tool into the paint. To apply it on my nails I did small "c" and backwards "c." This made the dark outline for the print. I did the same on my light purple nail except I used "Scandal" since it is a deep purple shade. When this had dried I again place some more polish onto the index card. This time I used "Totally Toffee" I used my dotting tool and painted in between the dark "c" I had already painted. I thought this color made a good contrast with the other colors on my nails. On my Ring Finger I did not paint inside the lines. I debated on using another purple or a silver but I thought I would be to distracting. When I finished the mani I painted a light top coat and TA-DA my
Cheetah-lioush nail were ready to roar.
Love and Nail Polish,

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