Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blue and Gold Abstract Nail Design

My manicure this week was actually inspired from a shirt I saw on line and the nail art just kinda went from there.

Color's I Used:
Nails: "Blueberry" from Crayola and "Flower Girl" from SinfulColors.
Accent Nail: "Blueberry" from Crayola and "Matte-ly In Love" (Matte Top Coat) from Hard Candy.

It reminds me of the movie Aladdin from some reason. I'm not sure why.
Love and Nail Polish,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lacey Nail Art

I am absolute in love with this manicure!! It is definitely in my top 10 favorites.

Colors I Used:
Accent Nails: "Primary Color" from Finger Paints, "Getting Miss Piggy with It" from OPI,  and "Pearl Black" form Kiss Nail Art.
Other Nails: "Primary Color" from Finger Paints, "Getting Miss Piggy with It" from OPI, "Strobe Light" from Pure Ice Crackle, and "Pearl Black" form Kiss Nail Art.

How I Did It:
I started by painting all my nails "Primary Color" with two coats of "Getting Miss Piggy With It" for my base coat. For my Ring finger I did a corset design. I painted a stripe of "White French Tip" in the middle of my nail. Then, I added three black dots of each side of the white stripe. I connected the dots using a criss-cross effect and a nail art brush. This was the first time I have ever tried a corset design and I love it!! I will definitely use it again in the future.
For the rest of my nails I painted a curved line sectioning off half of my nail. Then, I used "Strobe Light" and painted half of my nail with the black crackle polish. Lately, I added black semi-circles against the black half of my nail. This created a lace look to my nails.
I must say, I love the way this mani turned out. I achieved exactly the look I was going for and honestly I can't help but stare at my nails, haha.


Love and Nail Polish,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Facets of Fuchsia" with Accent nail

I LOVE THIS POLISH!!!! I got "Facets of Fuchsia" for Christmas and I couldn't wait to do a manicure with it. So here it is!!!!!!!!!!!

Colors I used:

Accent Nail: "Dream On" from SinFul Colors, with one coat of "Shine of the Time" from Essie.
Other Nails: "Twilight" from Jordana, "Night Prowl" from Wet N' Wild, with two coats of "Facets of Fuchsia" from Revlon on top.

What ya think? I didn't want just a plain mani so I decided to add an accent nail. For my accent nail I used "Dream On" from Sinful Colors with a layer of "Shine of the Time" over top of it.
For my other fingers I used one coat of "Twilight" from Jordana (Black polish) and one coat of "Night Prowl" from Wet N' Wild. Then I painted two coats of "Facets of Fuchsia" over them. The reason I used "Twilight" is because "Facets of Fuchsia" has a very thin black base and having a thick black base already on my nail, made the glitter pop more. I used "Night Prowl" because it is a black polish with fine purple glitter and this polish just added more glitter to my nails. Once I got the polish on  my nails I fell in love with it even more!! It is probably on my list of top 10 favorite polishes. If you do not have this polish it is definitely a polish you NEED to find.

Love and Nail Polish,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowflake Manicure

Colors I used:
Base Coat- "Water Fall" and "Sparkel" from Revlon
Snowflakes- "White" LA Nail Art

This week, I decided I wanted a winter inspired mani. I went shopping and picked up this light blue polish with this manicure in mind. The nail art was super easy to do and this manicure took about 30min. I loved the way it turns out and was super cute!!

Love and Nail Polish,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nail Haul January

I finally got a better storage solution for all of my nails polish!!! I'll be making a post about that soon (Hopefully.) However, these four new polishes will not fit in my new bin....... It looks like I'll be going to buy another one soon!!

Left to Right: "Waterfall" "Sparkle" "Garden" from Revlon
and "Shine of the Times" from Essie

I went shopping last weekend looking for a light blue polish and I ended up coming for with 4 brand new polishes. What can I say besides it's an addiction haha. The new polishes I got are "Waterfall," "Sparkle,"  "Garden" from Revlon and "Shine of the Times" from Essie.

"Waterfall," "Sparkle" and "Garden" from Revlon
"Waterfall"- This is the polish I was originally going out to find. I needed a thick light blue for a manicure I had in mind. I ended up finding few brands with different shades of light blues. But this one came in a combo pack with two other polishes so I decided to get this one. The pack was 7.00$ for 3 mini polish. This wasn't too bad because a normal sized bottle is 5.00$ for one. The polish is a flat light blue color and is supper pretty. It took about two coats to get the thickness I prefer. But this is a polish that probably only needs one coat. Since this polish is a mini the brush is a little smaller then a usually size but it still applied the polish even. I am currently wearing this polish and I am loving this color.
"Sparkle"- is a clear base polish, filled with lots of fine sliver glitter and medium sized silver glitter dots. This color kinda reminds me of a disco ball and it is SUPER sparkly (Hints the name haha) I add this to my recent mani and it is really pretty.
"Garden"- is a pretty lime green polish. I haven't had a chance to try this polish yet. However, it looks like it will be a great green shade.

"Shine of the Times" from Essie
"Shine of the Times"- This is from Essie collection "Luxeffects" and I LOVE IT!!! I have wanted this polish for a few months but never went out and looked for it. When I ran across it at Ultra the other day I decided to pick it up. I really like the effect it gives my nails and one coat is all you need. I will definitely be using this polish is some future manicures.

Well that's all for this Haul!!
Love and Nail Polish,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

CHRISTmas Haul *Picture Heavy

Christmas 2011 went amazing!!!!  I was able to spent time with family and made some great memories. I help my siblings assemble all their toys and got to see my parents faces when they open their gifts! Over all my Christmas went great and I got so amazing polish that I can't wait to use. I am truly blessed.
As the holidays come to an end let us all keep in mind the real reason we celebrate CHRISTmas!!!

Hot Couture-Pure Ice Crackle.
"Hot Couture" is a bright pink crackle polish. This polish is very opaque, applies really smooth and shatters great. I paired this color with a lime green base coat and the color contrasted amazing.
Fuchsia Fever & Facets of Fuchsia-From Revlon. 
"Fuchsia Fever" Is a bright pink polish. This polish is lighter than the polish above, but with 2-3 coat it is a very pretty pink shade.
"Facets of Fuchsia"  I had been looking EVERYWHERE for this polish and never could find it. So when I saw this polish I think I actually squealed in excitement. "Facets of Fuchsia" is a glitter packed polish full of bright purple hexes and smaller glitter. It look amazing with a black base coats and I can't wait to try it out.

Urban-Night and Cha Cha Cha-From China Glaze.
"Urban-Night" is a DEEP purple polish. It is about 3 shades darker in person than in the picture. However, it is a very pretty purple color. The polish is super opaque and very smooth. I used two coats of polish, but you could probably get away with one.
"Cha Cha Cha" This was one of the polishes on my nail polish list! So now I can happily check that off!! "Cha Cha Cha" is a light/bight/medium green polish with a sort of metallic undertone. I'm not really sure how to explain this one. But it is super pretty and I definitely see myself using it for some of my summer time manicures.

Military Green, Stunning Stilettos & Catwalk Queen-From Finger Paints.
"Military Green" is a green/gray nail polish, it isn't my favorite color. However, it will do great for some nail art I have in mind.
"Stunning Stilettos"- Is a light gray polish! I love this shade it is not too dark or too light. I can't wait to try it as a full manicure.
"Catwalk Queen-Is a yellow/orange polish. It definitely has more yellow than orange in it and the polish is a little lighter in person. I don't think this polish would look good as a full mani, but it would look good as an accent color.

I could not find the name for this polish-From Stripe Rite
This polish is a BRIGHT orange color, the picture above doesn't show off how bright this polish actually is. The brush for this polish is great and you are able to paint a lot of different nail art designs with it. The polish applies well and I really like it.

"Yellow" Nail Art Pen-from Fing'rs-
"Yellow"- Is a mini nail art pen in bright yellow color. I have used nail art pens from other brands, but never from Fing'rs. I'm curious to see how to applies. I'll tell you when I get around to trying this pen.

"Glistening Sunshine"-from Super Nail
"Glistening Sunshine" is a fine nail glitter in a bright yellow color!! This will look amazing in some spring/summer manicures I have in mind. I bought a sliver glitter from this brand a while back, so hopefully thing glitter will be just as good!!

Over all my Christmas was fabulous! I hope yours was amazing also!!
Love and Nail Polish,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year’s Blingy Manicure

Every New Years I try to pull off the blingiest, sparkly, fabulous manicure of the year. This year I achieved exactly the look I was wanting.

Colors I used:
Base Coat- "Positive Energy"- Nicole by OPI
Thumb and Ring Finger- "Set the Stage"-Sally Hansen Xtream Wear, Gold Glitter over Base Coat
Index- "Set the Stage"- Sally Hansen Xtream Wear, Gold Glitter over Base Coat. "Pearl Black"- Kiss Nail Art (For writing)
Middle and Pinkie- Black: "Twilight"- Jordana, "Night"-Petites, "Pearl Black"- Kiss Nail Air. Gold: "Big Spender" Pro, "Flower Girl" Sinful Colors Nail Art, "Set the Stage"-Sally Hansen Xtream Wear, and Gold Glitter. Sliver: "Insolence"- Rimmel, "Positive Energy"-Nicole by OPI and "Rock Star"-Kiss Nail Art.
**Extra the Gold Glitter I used was not nail glitter. It was craft glitter, but very fine.

How I did it-

To design my Thumb and Ring finger I started with a base coat and I paint 2 coats of "Set the Stage." Then I sprinkled on some gold glitter. I had some issues finding the jewels I wanted. So I actually found iron on jewels at Walmart for 1.99$ They were the prefect size and cheaper than the jewels I was looking for. I bought 2 packs and got over 300 jewels. To apply, I placed a dot of super glue on my nail and the jewel on top. I Carefully pressed down on the jewel to make sure it stuck.
Next I painted my Index finger. I did it the same way as my thumb except I painted 2012 using a nail art brush.
My middle and pinkie fingers were a little more of a challenge. For them I did a gradient effect with glitter. I started by painting my nails "Positive Energy." Next, I sponged the black layer on, using "Twilight," "Night," and "Pearl Black." I had some issues getting the black to apply dark enough. But that could have just been the colors I was using. Then, I sponged on the gold, using "Big Spender," and "Flower Girl. After, the gold dried I used my dotting tool to picked out some of the glitter hexes from "Set the Stage". I placed them on the gold part of my nail and also sprinkled over some gold glitter. For the silver I used "Insolence," and "Rock Star" over my silver base coat. "Rock Star" was a glitter packed polish so I did not need to add any glitter.
I placed 2-3 coats of top coat over all my nails. However, I was paranoid that the jewels would fall off so I added 2-3 more coats of top coats to those nails.  Over all I loved this mani, I got lots of complements on them and they definitely said HAPPY NEW YEARS.