Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year’s Blingy Manicure

Every New Years I try to pull off the blingiest, sparkly, fabulous manicure of the year. This year I achieved exactly the look I was wanting.

Colors I used:
Base Coat- "Positive Energy"- Nicole by OPI
Thumb and Ring Finger- "Set the Stage"-Sally Hansen Xtream Wear, Gold Glitter over Base Coat
Index- "Set the Stage"- Sally Hansen Xtream Wear, Gold Glitter over Base Coat. "Pearl Black"- Kiss Nail Art (For writing)
Middle and Pinkie- Black: "Twilight"- Jordana, "Night"-Petites, "Pearl Black"- Kiss Nail Air. Gold: "Big Spender" Pro, "Flower Girl" Sinful Colors Nail Art, "Set the Stage"-Sally Hansen Xtream Wear, and Gold Glitter. Sliver: "Insolence"- Rimmel, "Positive Energy"-Nicole by OPI and "Rock Star"-Kiss Nail Art.
**Extra the Gold Glitter I used was not nail glitter. It was craft glitter, but very fine.

How I did it-

To design my Thumb and Ring finger I started with a base coat and I paint 2 coats of "Set the Stage." Then I sprinkled on some gold glitter. I had some issues finding the jewels I wanted. So I actually found iron on jewels at Walmart for 1.99$ They were the prefect size and cheaper than the jewels I was looking for. I bought 2 packs and got over 300 jewels. To apply, I placed a dot of super glue on my nail and the jewel on top. I Carefully pressed down on the jewel to make sure it stuck.
Next I painted my Index finger. I did it the same way as my thumb except I painted 2012 using a nail art brush.
My middle and pinkie fingers were a little more of a challenge. For them I did a gradient effect with glitter. I started by painting my nails "Positive Energy." Next, I sponged the black layer on, using "Twilight," "Night," and "Pearl Black." I had some issues getting the black to apply dark enough. But that could have just been the colors I was using. Then, I sponged on the gold, using "Big Spender," and "Flower Girl. After, the gold dried I used my dotting tool to picked out some of the glitter hexes from "Set the Stage". I placed them on the gold part of my nail and also sprinkled over some gold glitter. For the silver I used "Insolence," and "Rock Star" over my silver base coat. "Rock Star" was a glitter packed polish so I did not need to add any glitter.
I placed 2-3 coats of top coat over all my nails. However, I was paranoid that the jewels would fall off so I added 2-3 more coats of top coats to those nails.  Over all I loved this mani, I got lots of complements on them and they definitely said HAPPY NEW YEARS.

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