Monday, December 24, 2012

RED Christmas inspired French Manicure!!

I didn't want to a whole bunch on nail art for this manicure. However, I didn't want something normal. So I ended up deciding on a glamed up french tip!!!!

Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Trees!! Birthday Manicure!!!

For my birthday/Christmas manicure I decided I wanted something neat, whimsical and cute.
I did a lot of thinking, and looking for designs and I found this one!!!
This is definitely on my favorites manicure list!

How I did it:
For the tree nails I started with a white base coat. Then using acrylic paint I placed red, lime green and dark green dots in a tree shape. Once the dots dried, I placed white dots in the middle of some of the color dots. This step is up to you I just thought it made the design a little cooler. Lastly I added a small tree truck and clear coat.
For the Snow Flake Nails, I started with a red base coat. Then using a dotting tool I made three large circles. When the circles dried completely I used my fine tip paint brush to paint random snowflakes over the circles. When all of the polish was completely dried I painted a think clear coat to insure none of the acrylic paint flaked off. I absolutely loved this manicure, it was cute, fun and exactly what I wanted for my birthday mani
Love, Nail Polish and Christmas Time,

Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh Chirstmas Nail Oh Christmas Nails How Lovely are Your Designs

I love doing Christmas nail art!! It is definitely one of my favorite times of years to break out all the awesome nail art I can think of!!!


Merry Christmas,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Christmas Manicure!!!

Well, this manicure isn't quite Christmas-y but I've been dieing to use the polish "Sugar Plum Fairy." So, this is what I decided to do!!

Love and Nail Polish,

Friday, November 16, 2012

Barn Dance

Last weekend, Isaac and I went to a barn dance, hosted by my home school group. The dance wasn't much to talk about (it was quite boring.) But, I did want to show you all a picture of my clothes! My nails were done in the second layering technique. I didn't have time to change them :( But I did love my outfit!!

My Handsome, Man

I told him that if he makes this face again, I might stop kissing him, hehe!!
He make me one happy girl!!

Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween mani

For Halloween I wanted something super fun! Last year I did candy corns, but this year I wanted something a little different. I saw last Halloween SimpleLittlePleasers did a mummy inspired look, so I decided to give that a whirl. However, I did not want to do just mummies so I decided to add some candy corns in my manicure also! And, this was the product!!!!

Colors I Used:
Mummy Nails: one coat of "Sunset Sail" from China Glaze under "Copper Glazed Platuim" from Revlon "French White Tip" from NYC "Liquid Leather" from Sally Hansen
Candy Corns: "Big Spender" from Pro, "French White Tip" from NYC, "Yellow" and "Bright Orange" from L.A Colors Striper

What more fun then candy corns and googly eyes!!!

Love and Nail Polish.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Layering #2

Okay, So I had to try the layering technique again! But this time I used black and vibrant colors. I did this design the exact same way as the one using fall colors. I'm not sure if I like this color combination better than the design with fall colors. What do you think? I think they are both different in their own way.
I did learn one thing from trying this technique another time. When picking the order to paint your polishes, make sure the colors do not look similar. I paired them going yellow, blue, orange, pink, green, purple and black. If I had painted yellow and orange or pink and purple close together the colors would have not popped as much. Of course you can pair them however, you want but this is how I think it looks best.

Colors I Used:
All Nails in order: "Fierce N' Tangy" from Maybelline, "Blue Collar" from ORLY, "Sun Worshiper" from China Glaze, "Flirt Alert" from Pure Ice, "Neon Green" from Kleancolor, "Dream" from Sinful Colors and "Black Leather" from Sally Hansen

This is the picture that gave me inspiration for the layering technique.
Love and Nail Polish,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Layering Technique

I saw an awesome nail design technique on pinterest and I thought I would give it a whirl. Here is the technique.

The way you do this technique is to layer the nail polish in thick coats. You can layer them dark to light or light to dark that choice is up to you. Once the polish is completely dry, you take a paint brush socked in acetone and slowly remove some of the layers of nail polish reveling the different layers. Just make sure you don't go all the way to your natural nail because then you will have to fix it. Over all this is a super easy design. The technique I saw on pinterest used black and vibrant color polishes, but I'm still addicted to all fall colors. So of course I went with oranges, reds, yellows and browns. Over all I thought this technique was really neat. I think it would look better with bright colors and black but I still like the fall colors.

Colors I Used: (in order I painted them)
Index, Middle and Pinkie: "Lemon Fizz" from China Glaze, "Sunny Side Up" from Wet N' Wild, "350 Big Night Out" from Rimmel, and "228 Chelsea" from NYC
Thumb and Ring: "Lemon Fizz" from China Glaze, "Sunny Side Up" from Wet N' Wild, "350 Big Night Out" from Rimmel, "228 Chelsea" from NYC and "Hot for Chocolate"  from Revlon

What do you think of this technique??

Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Color Blocked Nails (a post I wrote last year, byut never posted) WHOOPS

This week I was up for a more challenging nail design. I debated on a few different techniques and finally decided to try out color blocking for the first time. When I started painting I was originally going to paint each nail the same color. But after looking at all my colors I decided to paint each nail a different color. I decided I would use my fine tip white polish to line the design. For this mani, I used a total of 20 different colors and it took me about three or four hours to finish. I'm guessing on the time because I worked on and off on this mani all day (I tend to take random breaks on and off while I paint my nails. I was also reading a book while I painted)

I started this technique by painting each nail a base coat.  To do the color blocking I simply painted the other colors in a random patterns on each nail. Then, I added the white lines in between each color.

A few days after I painted the mani I was kinda bored with it. But I didn't have enough time to change the design so I added a matte top coat. I was concerned at first that matte coat would take away from the design but I actually really liked it.
Would you try this technique?

XOXO's Love and Nail Polish,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

50's Sock Hop Pics + Nails :)

Last Weekend, My Boyfriend and I went to a 50's Sock hop!!!! We had a BLAST!!! I think we dance over half the time we were there ha-ha. Well as for what I wore and my nails everything it below! Keep reading!!

I have recently become slight obsessive with 50's hair, makeup, dresses, etc. So this was a perfect time to break out all my love for the 50's!!!!
I ended up finding my dress on e-bay for only 40.00$. I purchased a medium, and I ended up having to take it to a tailor and have it taken in. When I purchased my dress, it came with the red sash but not with the red petticoat. My grandmother ended up finding my red petticoat at a little dress store in South Carolina for 20.00$. I paired my dress with some red stilettos that I purchased from JCPenny for 40.00$. These were the same shoes I wore to prom at the first of this year. For jewelry I added a small pearl necklace and earrings. I did my hair in a 50's style I found on the Internet, and then pulled it back with a red ribbon and added curls to the ponytail.

 I completed my 50's look, with so 50's makeup. I did a dark brown/black eye with winged eyeliner and red lips. I COULD NOT go without red lips. (I was in a huge rush on the night of the dance and didn't get any close up pictures of my hair and makeup sorry!!)

Colors I Used:
Base Coat- ""Ruby-Ruby" Sinful Colors
Black- "880 Black Heart" Sally Hansen
White- "134 French White Tip" NYC
Toes- "Red Glitter" L.A Fine Tip and "Gettin' Miss Piggy With It" OPI

Over all the dance went amazing! My boyfriend and I had a great time. My dress and nails look amazing! And we danced the night away!!
Below I will post so pictures that my mom took before the dance!

This is one of my favorites

My friend, Emma, and I


Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Green, Pink and SPARKLE Mani

This week I knew I wanted something bright, fun and quick. So I decided to do a simple green mani. But, of course I couldn't go just green so I added glitter polish to 3 of my nails. Then, I decided that still wasn't enough so I got my pink polish and dotting tool and started making lines a dots and TA-Da! This is what happened! I thought this mani was super cute and I really liked the design I painted on my middle nail. I definitely might uses this design again!

Colors I used!
Base Coat: "Neon Green"- Kleancolor
Index: "Neon Green" with "Sparkle"- Revlon
Middle and Pinky: "Neon Green" with "Flirt Alert"- Pure Ice,
Ring: "Neon Green" with "Grand Finnal"- Kleancolor,

Love and Nail Polish,

Monday, September 3, 2012

Nail Haul! Augest!

I haven't bought this much polish in a while! But there were deals EVERYWHERE!! And I just couldn't pass them by. What can I say nail polish is my guilty pleasure....sigh! Oh-well! I don't have a problem with this haha
"Neon Green," Grand Finale," "Black Out" From Kleancolor Nail Lacquer and "Cosmetic" Not Sure What brand it is-
Before I begin with the polish review, let me say I got all of these polishes for 1.00$ that's right ONE DOLLAR a piece!! I went with to a flea market near Gatlinburg and ran across two or three nail polish stands. Now I know what you're thinking used nail Polish? Not the smartest idea! Well I checked the polish has not been used plus the sellers were selling in bulk with a Kleancolor stand. So, after checking the polish over and finding out they were only a dollar I knew I had to buy some, and I was very pleased with the colors I chose.
"Neon Green," Grand Finale," "Black Out" From Kleancolor Nail Lacquer:
First off, I had never tried this brand before. When I picked up the first bottle I thought the brand sounded familiar but I wasn't sure. So, when I got home I googled the name! Turned out Kleancolor is over 3.00$ a bottle. So I defiantly got these polish for a deal!
"Neon Green," Is a BRIGHT green polish! It is fairly opaque. It takes about 2 coats to get the thickness I like. But that is how it is with most polishes! I am currently wearing this polish right now and I really like how it looks!
"Grand Finale"- is a clear nail polish, pack slam full of thin pieces of glitter. This polish is a little thick, but, not overly thick. The glitter is sliver but, depending on how the light hits it, the polish also has a blue/green tint to it. I tried using this in my current mani, however, I didn't like the way it turned out. So, I took the polish over.
"Black Out" Is a black polish that is loaded with silver glitter. The black isn’t very opaque so it takes a few coats but the finished look is amazing!! This polish reminded me of OPI “Metallic for Life” from the Nicki Minaj collection released earlier this year. To me this looks like almost an exact dupe. What do you think?
"85 Minted" Revlon
I have yet to try out this polish! But, I had been looking for a light minty green, for a few weeks. So when I saw this polish I knew I had to buy it! I think I bought it for about 4:00 at wal-mart! I will try to get a review on it as so as I use it in a manicure

"Cracked Medallion" China Glaze-Crackle Glaze
This is another polish I have yet to try or swatch. I picked it up near the end of august, for only 1.50$ at sally's. Major deal I know. I love the copper shade and I have a feeling this will look great for fall manicures!!!

Well that all for this haul. Till next time
Love and Nail Polish,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Day Organizing Polish

Organizing Nail Polish! That is what I do in my free time!! Well when I have free time!!! Obviously I hardly have time to blog, so organizing nail polish doesn't get done often! haha
However, I did get around to organizing a few days ago! And of course when I organize I have to do it the right way! I started by getting all my nail boxes out, my computer and a movie.
Since, I had never had watched the Bourne movies and my boyfriend wanted to see the new one, I decided to watch the "The Bourne Supremacy" After, playing my movie, I began to re-order my nail polish. I am awful for being in a hurry and just placing polish in a convenient spot. So, they were quite out of order. Next, I re-ordered my nail-tool box, placing everything its correct bag and spot, making it much easier to get to all my many, many tools. After that was all orderly, I pulled out my nail wheels and looked for all my new polish that I had yet to swatch. This ended up being like 10 or more polish, because yet again, it seems like I never have time to do anything haha. Once, that was done I again made sure everything was it its correct spot and finished watching my movie! I actually really enjoyed my afternoon or organization! The payoff was quite nice! I need to get better at doing this haha
AFTER!!! :)
Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Neon Drag Marble!

BEHIND, BEHIND, BEHIND!!! That has been my feeling lately!! Since school started back, it seems like all I do is go and go and go!!!!! I've not made or thought of making ANY vlogs! Nor, have I been posting lately!!!! You should see how many drafts I have, that progress right? haha. I'm going to try to get better at this!!!! I have some new polishes and design I will try my best to get up soon! But until then this mani will have to hold you!


I tried the Drag Marble for maybe the second time, and I love the way it turned out!! To start, I painted my nails two coats of the base color. Then, I painted the nail a third time with the same base coat color, but before it dried I added two dots of another polish. Then, I took a toothpick and dragged the polish out to create a star-burst/splatter effect. This design was super simple and very easy! The only hard part of this design is making sure you do not place to much presser on the tooth-pick. If you do you will scrape the bottom layers of polish, leaving an awful looking scrape. However, this is very easy to fix and you will usually know when you are messing up before it looks too bad. Other than that this was super easy and fairly quick manicure. I received tons of compliments on this design and I really like the way it turned out!

Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blue Sponge Effect

This mani was a slight fail! When I started painting I had intended on making the a deep sea inspired manicure. However, when I went to add the sea horses and sea weed.....Well lets just say it didn't work out and I didn't have enough time to come up with a plan B. So this is the mani I went with! I actually really liked it, despite the slight fail.

Colors I Used:
Base: "Splash" from Pure Ice,
Bottom Layer: "Skin Tight Denim" from NYC, and "Sturdy Sapphire" from Sally Hansen,
Middle Layer: "To-Teally Chic" from Finger Paints
Top Layer: "Waterfall" from Revlon "French White Tip" from NYC, "Once Again" and "Mint Dream" from Pure Ice
Bubbles: "Waterfall" from Revlon "French White Tip" from NYC, and "Mint Dream" from Pure Ice
Top Coat: "Oh Baby" from Pure Ice

Love and Nail Polish,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sun Worshiper: China Glaze

This week I went to Sally's to "just look" haha. But of course I ended up coming home with polish. I came home with "Sun Worshiper" from China Glaze. "Sun Worshiper" is an amazing orange polish. The color reminds me of a sea horse orange, now sure why, but it does. The polish is not very opaque, but I think it just needs two coat and it with be prefect.  "Sun Worshiper" is definitely one of my new favorites, the color is beautiful, it applies easy, the brush is great and I just really like this polish! I can't wait to use this polish in a full mani!  

Love and Nail Polish,