Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Vlog

I NOW AM VLOGING!!! After, spending a few days trying to figure out my camera and YouTube, I finally made my first video. Hopefully the videos will get better as I make more. I am hoping to get some nail tutorials up soon. But first I need to find sometime in my schedule. Anyways, sorry that the video is not amazing. If you know any tips that will help me while making them, please let me know.

Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Plaid Mani and Happy Thankgiving!!!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!!! I hope your Thanksgiving has been great!! I can't express how thankful I am to all of you who read and support my blog. The feedback I receive makes writing even more enjoyable. I am also thankful for a loving and forgiving God, supportive Family, great Siblings that make me smile and the Best Friends a girl could ask for. Oh and nail polish haha.
After an exciting day of cooking and eating, I have time for a quick post then I am off to do some Thursday pre-black Friday shopping.

For my Thanksgiving manicure, I decided to go with plaid using fall colors. The colors I used for this mani were, "Hot Tamale" from I Love My Nails, "Big Night Out" from Rimmel, "Magic" from Pure Ice and "Flower Girl" from Sinful Colors. Painting a plaid design is super easy; however, it requires a very steady hand. I started by painting my base coat using "Hot Tamale".
Next, I used "Big Night Out" and made a tic-tac-toe grid on each of my nails. Then, I used "Magic" and made another tic-tac-toe grid slightly off center near the first grid. To add a little sparkle I took "Flower Girl" and add two random lines to the grids. TA-DA, if you are a little unsure about how to paint this design, YouTube has some great tutorials. I am hoping to get some of my own tutorials up. But that is a work in progress. Over all this manicure turn our rather good. I think it would look better with some other colors but I love the design.
Well again I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing.
Love and Nail Polish,

Friday, November 18, 2011

News Paper Nails

After a dis-hearting failure at comic strip nails I decided to try newspaper nails. THESE ARE SO EASY!!!! And super cute! I ran across this design a while back but never had the chance to do them. Since I am going on a youth retreat this weekend, I was hoping to show off some cute comic strip nails. But after, that failing (I need some more practice) I decided to do this design. This design was a lot easier and quicker then I excepted and I think they turned out great for my first time.

For this mani you will need:
  White Nail Polish
   Rubbing Alcohol
   Small Container
   New Paper (DUH)
   Top Coat

To start you will need to cut out 1 by 1 inch squares of newspaper. It doesn't matter what it saids. When the words copy on your nails they will be backwards, so you can't read them.
Next, paint your nails a solid white. I used "French White Tip" from NYC.
Once, the polish has dried complete. Pour some of the rubbing alcohol into a small container. Any kind of container will work.
Then, carefully dip the newspaper strip into the alcohol. Make sure the piece is fully wet before placing it on your nail. I left each piece in the alcohol for about 3-5 seconds.
After, taking the newspaper out of the alcohol carefully lay it on your nail. Push the paper as hard as you can onto your nail, rolling you fingers back n' forth over the paper. Doing this will help the ink go on to you nail. I pressed mine on for about 30 seconds before I peeled the newspaper off. The harder you rub and the longer you leave the paper on your nail, the darker the pigment of the writing will be on your nail.
Lastly, apply a thick coat of top coat. This is a a necessary step because the ink will rub off quickly unless you add the top coat.
That's it! It really is that easy. Hopefully I will figure out how to do the comic strip nails soon and I will post them. But for now I am going to show off these creative newspaper nails.
Love and Nail Polish,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cherry Blossom Nails

Just a quick post about my weekend mani before I head off to bed. This week, I decided to do cherry blossoms on my nails. I have wanted to do this design for a few weeks now, but I had not had the time to paint them.
For this manicure I used  "White" from I Love My Nails to paint the base of the manicure and "Splash" from Pure Ice to paint the blue french tip.
Once the base was dry I painted the cherry blossoms and the limbs. To paint the design I used my dotting tool, a fine tip paint brush and a wide brush. I did not have the shade of brown polish I needed, so I ended up mixing some dark brown, a little of black acrylic paint and "Warm and Fozzy" nail polish from OPI.
Then, I carefully paint the limbs in random directions using a fine tip paint brush.
For the flowers I used "Flirt Alert" from Pure Ice and some white acrylic paint.  To paint the flower buds, I used my dotting tool and  for the flowers on my thumb and ring finger I used a wide pain brush.
When I started this design I wasn't sure how to paint the flowers. So I watched some video tutorials off of YouTube. This made the whole manicure a lot easier. I definitely could use some more practice on painting the flowers, but I love the way it turned out. Well that is my manicure for this week and I am heading to bed. Have a good night, my dear readers.
Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This week, Mom and I went shopping. I already knew I was going to be looking for new polishes. However, I didn't know what I would fine along the way. When, I was at JCPenny and saw they carried OPI polish in their salon. I really like OPI polishes the only thing is I never seem to have enough money to get ALL the colors I want. But Monday, I was able to buy three OPI polish for only 7.50$. I had received a 10 dollars off 10 dollars coupon in the mail and the JCpenny salon was having a buy two get one free. AWESOME deal, I know. If you have a JCpenny near you I would definitely go check it out. I was even more excited when I found out that the salon carried the Muppet's collection!! I was a fan of the Muppet's when I was little and when I found out they had a collection coming out I knew I HAD to get a few polishes. I ended up with "Warm and Fozzy" my absolute favorite. It is a brown polish with a little hint of some duo-chrome mixed in. I also got "Getting Miss Piggy with It" this polish is packed with red glitter and it apply very easy. The last color I got wasn't from the Muppet's collection but it caught my eye and I decided to buy it. I got "Silver Shatter" from the crackle collection. I have wanted to try an OPI crackle since it came out but I just never got around to buying one. I wanted to try the black crackle but since I already had a back, white and gold from other brands, which I liked I decided to go for the silver. I can't wait for use the polish and hopefully I will be able to get them up soon.
Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ying Yang MANI!!!

Since I loved my ying-yang pedicure so much I decided to do the design on my nails. This mani took about two hours and lots of thinking about how to get the design right. I decided I didn't want to paint the ying-yang symbol on all my fingers so I decided to paint it just on my thump and ring finger. To get the design straight I used and pencil and a permit marker to draw the outline. Then I filled the online in with my black and white polish using a small tip paint brush. For polishes I use "Liquid Leather" from China Glaze and "White" from I Love My Nails. For the rest of my nails the design was very easy. I used the same colors but painted French tips. Then I used my dotting tool to paint the small designs on the tips and a fine tip brush to paint sliver line. For the silver polish I used "Silver" from LA colors. I debated on adding some glitter but I never got around to it. Over all this mani was semi easy, the hardest part was getting the ying-yang symbol correct. This is probably another one of my fave mani.

Until next time.
Love and Nail Polish,