My Polish Collection

"French White Tip 134"- NYC
"Super Star" Pure Ice
"White 556" Love My Nails

"Lemon Fizz" China Glaze
"Catwalk Queen" Finger Paints
"Unzip Me" Pure Ice
"Show Stopper" Pure Ice
"Excuse Me" Pure Ice
"Sun-Sational" ULTA
"Fierce N Tangy" Maybelline

"350 Big Night Out" Rimmel
"Really Rio" Pure Ice
"Sunny Side Up" Wet N Wild-Wild Shine
"Hot Tamale" Love My Nails
"Spring Street" NYC
"Orange" Crayola *seanted
"Frost Instigator" Revlon
"Sun Worshiper" China Glaze
"Portobello" Nails Inc
"420 Mighty Mango" Sally Hansen
"Twinkle" Pure Ice
"Showgirl" ULTA 88

"Blackberry Baby" Milani
"Primary Color" Finger Paints
"Chelsea" NYC
"Ruby Pumps" China Glaze
"Vineyard" Pure Ice
"Chimson" Pure Ice
"Super Star" Pure Ice
"Manhatten Red 506" Love My Nails
"Ruby Ruby 369" SinfulColors
"335 Lying Nails" SinfulColors
"Eye Popping Poppy" ULTA

"Fuchsia Fever 901" Revlon
"Powder Puff" Ultra Prom
"Blissful" In The Mood
"288 Baby Pink" Rimmel
"Bubble Gum" Crayola *seanted
"Peppermint Chrome" Boggi Nail Paint-Chrome Craze
"Love" Pure Ice
"Free Fall" Pure Ice
"Flirt Alert" Pure Ice
"Wet T Shirt" Pure Ice
"Dreamy" Pure Ice
"Glow" Sally Hansen
"160 Hard-core Party" Sally Hansen
"Reaction Frost" Sally Hansen

"Dream On" SinfulColors
"Night Prowl" Wet N Wild-Wild Shine
"30 Lilac Chantilly" Sally Hansen-Diamond Strenght
"445 Violet Voltage" Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
"Urban-Night" China Glaze
"Manhattan 248" NYC
"Grape" Crayola *Sented
"940 Facets of Fuchsia" Revlon
"330 Grape Icy" Revlon * Setend
"Scandal" Pure Ice
"No Means No" Pure Ice
"Busted" Pure Ice
"Violet Light 11" Revlon
"Venus 38" Almay
"307 No Hard Feeling" Sally Hansen
"Ultra Violet Femme" ULTA
"05 Purple Galaxy" Lyla Magnetic

"115A Skin Tight Denim Cream" NYC
"To-Teally Chic" Finger Paints
"Hottie 831" SinfulColors
"Blue Collar" Orly
"Waterfall" Revlon
"Blueberry" Crayola
"Stapless" Pure Ice
"Heart Breaker" Pure Ice
"Blue Midnight" Pure Ice
"Splash" Pure Ice
"Bikini" Pure Ice
"Once Again!" Pure Ice
"Sturdy Sapphire" Sally Hansen
"420 Pacific Blue" Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

"Military Green" Finger Paints
"Merry Mistletoe" Finger Paints
"Camouflage" Rimmel
"964 Cha Cha Cha" China Glaze
"Garden" Revlon
"Minted 85" Revlon
"Green Apple" Crayola
"Rescue Me" Pure Ice *Glows N' the Dark
"First Time" Pure Ice
"Power Me Up" Pure Ice Magentic
"Wild Thing" Pure Ice
"In the Lime Light (Neon)" from China Glaze
"Mint Sorbet 340" Sally Hansen
"620 Limestone" Sally Hansen
"Haymarker" Nails Inc
"17 Neon Green" Kleancolor 
"Teal We Meet Again" Fing'rs Heart to Art

"427 Bronze Baby" Petites
"Warm & Fozzie" OPI
"415 Totally Toffee" Revlon
"903 Hot for Chocolate" Revlon
"Magic" Pure Ice
"Park Ave" NYC
"Chic Peek" ULTA

"French Peach" Love My Nails
"Moonlit Pink" Mary Kay
"103 French Lingerie" Rimmel
"Sunset Sail" from China Glaze
"Best Friend" Pure Ice
"Jaguar" Pure Ice
"300 Easy Going" SinfulColors
"Shore Bet" Pure Ice
"Expose" Beauty Control

"119A Black Lace Cream" NYC
"954 Twlight" Jordana
"544 Liquid Leather" China Glaze
"Black Out" Pure Ice
"Electric!" Pure Ice
"840 Black Heart" Sally Hansen
"1188 Black Out" Kleancolor

"Kiss My Here" Pure Ice
"Stunning Stilettos" Finger Paints

"Silver Mercedes" Pure Ice
"414 Insolence" Rimmel
"Positive Energy" Nicole by OPI
"Risk Taker" Pure Ice

"Big Spender" Ultra Pro
"420 Copperglaze Platinum" Revlon
"Gold Dust" Pure Ice
"404 Fame" Petites
"Bite Me" Pure Ice

"Party of Five Glitters" Wet N Wild-Fast Dry
"The Gold & the Beautitful" Wet N Wild-Fast Dry
"Mermail Curves" Wet N Wild Fergie
"Sparkle" Revlon
"430 Whimsical" Revlon
"Set the Stage" Sally Hansen-Xtreme Wear
" 580 Silver Streamers" Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear
"Oh Baby!" Pure Ice
"Freedom" Pure Ice
"Don't You Wish" Pure Ice
"105 Starry Silver Glitter" NYC
"Holiday Sparkles" Finger Paints
"884 Party Hearty" China Glaze
"Gettin' Miss Piggy With It" OPI
"Traffic-Stopper Copper" Sephora by OPI
"Spark-tacular!" Sephora by OPI
"Disco Dolls" Nicole by OPI
"Follow Me On Glitter" Nicole by OPI
"Sugar Plum Yum" Color Club
"Spit Fire" Pure Ice
"169 Grand Finale" Kleancolor
"96 Vegas Nights" Kleancolor
"188 Black Out" Kleancolor
"Meet Me in Monaco" Pure Ice
"24K Gold" Petites
"Winter Holly" China Glaze
"Black Tie Optional" Hard Candy
"UFO" SinfulColors
"Rosie Lee" Butter London
"Boogie Nights" ULTA
"Pinata-Yada-Yada" ULTA
"Frosted" ULTA
"903 Zapped" Salon Perfect
"617 Flower Power" Salon Perfect

Top Coats:
"Strengthening Top Coat" Sally Hansen
"Matte-ly In Love" Hard Candy
"Shine of the Times" Essie-Luxeffects
"271 Extra Shiny Top Coat" NYC
"X-Dry" ULTA

"Flower Girl" SinfulColors
"Yellow" Kiss Nail Art
"Pearl Black" Kiss Nail Art
"Rock Star" Kiss Nail Art
"Yellow" L.A Colors Art Deco
"White" L.A Colors Art Deco
"Red Glitter" L.A Colors Art Deco
"Green Glitter" L.A Colors Art Deco
"Purple/Blue Glitter" L.A Colors Art Deco
"Bright Orange" L.A Colors Art Deco
"Silver" L.A Colors Art Deco
"Magenta" L.A Colors Art Deco
"Gold Glitter" L.A Colors Art Deco

"Cracked Gold" Salon Perfect
"Silver Shatter" OPI
"Flash" Pure Ice Crackle
"Strobe Light" Pure Ice Crackle
"Hot Couture" Pure Ice Crackle
"Show Stopper" Pure Ice Crackle
"07 Cherry Smash" Sally Hansen Crackle
"03 Fractured Foil" Sally Hansen Crackle
"Cracked Meddallion" China Glaze CrackleGlaze

Duo Chromes:
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms (I'm unsure of the name)
"Gray's Anatomy" Wet N Wild Fast Dry
"Mint Dream" Pure ICe

Loose Glitters:
"Sterling Silver" Super Nail
"Glistening Sunshine" Super Nail

Total of Polishes:This is also counting some mini polishes and some other unnamed polishes