Friday, February 1, 2013

More Snowflakes!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a little bit different then my other snowflake manicure. Since it's still snowing here....i dislike snow highly, I decided to put more snowflakes on my nail... It didn't help me like the snow anymore though.....

Colors I Used
"Water Fall" From Revlon, Acrylic White Paint, "Whimsical" From Revlon and a mixture of blue and white paint.

How I did it!!
First, I painted all my nail "Water Fall" for the base coat. For my Index finger I added two coats of "Whimsical" making this nail my accent nail. For my other nails mix together some bright blue and white acrylic paint. Then, I took my dotting tool and made larger dots of the medium blue paint. I think i paint about 3 for each nail. Once, all the dot had dried I used a fine tip paint brush to create large snowflakes in each of the dots. I also, took my dotting tool and place smaller white dots just to jazz it up a bit. After all the nails had dried completely I added a thick top coat and ta-da a super cute winter manicure!!!

Stay Warm,

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