Saturday, August 27, 2011


I think today's title pretty much sums up the picture of my nails.

So what ya think?
This is the second time I have tried Cheetah print. The first time I did it on my big toe. I meant to get a pic of them before I took it off because I also used my Sally Hanson Duo-chrome polish. But sadly I totally forgot. Anyways, it took about 2 hours to accomplish this mani and was EXTREMELY easy. When I first decided to do this design I thought I was going to be a lot harder. But I was surprise how quick and easy it was.
For this manicure I used "Hot Chocolate," "Copperglaze Platinum" and "Totally Toffee" from Revlon. For the purple accent nail I used "Scandal" from Pure Ice and a fraken I made. This was the first franken I have ever done and I was super excited to paint it on my nails. I loved the color; however, I think it needs more glitter and sparkles. I might work on that some more later. I still haven't picked out a name for my new franken. Any Ideas?

To paint the design I started with a base coat of "Copperglaze Platinum" It is a sheer goldish color so it took about two coats. I do not like this color plain, but I think it's a great base for designs.

 On my ring finger I painted a coat of my new nameless franken. This also took about two coats. After, the base coats dried I dipped out some "Hot chocolate" polish on to an index card. Then I dipped the tip of my dotting tool into the paint. To apply it on my nails I did small "c" and backwards "c." This made the dark outline for the print. I did the same on my light purple nail except I used "Scandal" since it is a deep purple shade. When this had dried I again place some more polish onto the index card. This time I used "Totally Toffee" I used my dotting tool and painted in between the dark "c" I had already painted. I thought this color made a good contrast with the other colors on my nails. On my Ring Finger I did not paint inside the lines. I debated on using another purple or a silver but I thought I would be to distracting. When I finished the mani I painted a light top coat and TA-DA my
Cheetah-lioush nail were ready to roar.
Love and Nail Polish,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Naked Nails...

Just a quick post, before I head off to bed. I recently went to a sleepover, so I took ALL my polish off before I went. After, removing all the polish I painted on a clear coat. I can NOT stand not having a coat of so kind of polish on my nails. For some reason my nails hurt and feel funny with a coat. Am I the only one this happens too? Or does it happen to you too?  When the top coat was dry enough I decide to take so pics, So you could all see my lovely, amazing, naked nails...

Awful looking huh? I heard if you soak your nails in lime juice it takes the yellow away. I have only tried it once and that was a long time ago. I don't thing it changed them much, but like I said I only tried it once. 

Love and Nail Polish

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Something that made my Night!!!

Well, I was sitting here reading stalking all the nail blogs I read and I decided to check my own blog. I was going to post something, but I have to water mark the pictures first...  Oh the joys of water marking. Anyways, I decided to update my wish list. As I was scrolling down my blog I realized I had a FOLLOWER!!!!!! AHH I literally screamed in joy!! I have only been blogging for about two maybe almost three months and honestly I didn't excepted to be out there in nail blogging world by now. But tonight reminded me that hard work and committing myself to writing does pay off. I definitely needed to be reminded of this tonight, because I start school back Monday. I have been dreading all week getting back to pains and aggravation of school life. Plus school seems like it is going to be harder this year and I am also planning of going to college when I graduate high school. So I have all the stress of that lovely stuff going on in my life. I have been praying God leads me in the direction I should go for college. But tonight was a little reminder that all my hard work will eventually pay off. It might not be quickly but eventually it will.

Thanks Jenna for following, you made my night.
XOXO's Love, Nail Polish and Smiles,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Watermelon Nails

What's one of the biggest summer time foods everyone enjoys? If you guessed watermelon then you guessed right! Haha. I figure since watermelon was a trade mark for summer I had to do it on my nails. I wasn't quite sure how to begin doing this nail design so I looked up some pictures and got a pretty good idea how to do the design.

I started by painted my nails a solid reddish/pink color. This is going to be the base of the watermelon. I used "Vineyard" form Pure Ice for my base color. I first thought about using one of my red colors but in my opinion using the red for a base coat makes the design look more like strawberries instead of watermelons. After I painted my base coat I let it dry a few hours before doing details. I knew I would be using note book page reinforcer to get a good curve in my tips and I definitely did not want the sticker to stick to my nails. I placed the stickers at the tip of my nail and painted it a deep green color, I used Camouflage from Rimmel. While I waited on the color to dry, I placed a few drops of "Wild Thing" from Pure Ice onto an index card. When my nail tip became tacky I painted another coat of "Camouflage" and then used a dotting tool, I applied the "Wild Thing" green to my nail. I had some trouble getting the greens to blend together the way I wanted them to with my dotting tool. So I decided to try a tooth-pick. That also didn't work so I tried using a paint brush. This work very well and was super easy. After, the green polish dried, I peeled off the stickers. This time I had no trouble peeling them off. When all the stickers were off I took my fine tipped white which is "White" from LA Colors and drew a small white line under the green to resemble the rind of a watermelon. The last step for this mani is seeds. I used "Liquid Leather" from China Glaze. I found out that using my dotting tool and slightly pulling the small black dot down works better than a tooth-pick. But both will do fine. I put three small dots on each finger but you can do more depending on what you like. Over all this mani was fairly easy and I really loved wearing it around.
Until next time,
Love and Nail Polish,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sun-Set Sponged Nails

I did this about 3-4 days after I painted the design.
 I free handed the palm tree with some black polish.

Today, while I soaked up some sun rays I decide to paint my nails. Since, summer is coming to an end for nail world, I decided to use something bright. I originally thought my watermelon nails would be my last summer mani but they didn't last as long as I except and I kinda got tired of them. I knew I wanted to use yellow in my manicure but I wasn't really sure how. I played around with some colors and designs for a bit, before I decided I would give the sponge effect a whirl. I had never done a full sponge mani before. But today I decide i wanted to try something new. I looked at several shades of reds, oranges and yellows. I never realized how many of these colors I had. I finally decided on four colors, they were. "Excuse Me" from Pure Ice, "Sunny Side Up" from Wet N' Wild, "Yellow" and "Orange" both from LA Colors.

For the sponge effect I started with "Orange" at my cuticle then I add "Sunny Side Up," "Yellow" and at the tip "Excuse Me". I had some trouble getting the polish on the sides of my nails so I used a paint brush the get near the sides. This mani took me about two hours to complete, however, I am somewhat of a perfections so it usually takes me a while anyways.  I was concerned about the texture of the effect. But after, I applied two coats of clear coat the texture was pretty much gone. I really wish I had the Kodad Stamper right now though. Because the palm tree pattern would look really amazing with the polish. Tomorrow, I might try to free hand a palm tree if I have time. But even without the palm tree I love the way the sponge effect turned out and will defiantly do it again. :)
What do you think?
Would you give the technique a whirl?

Love and Nail Polish,