Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Watermelon Nails

What's one of the biggest summer time foods everyone enjoys? If you guessed watermelon then you guessed right! Haha. I figure since watermelon was a trade mark for summer I had to do it on my nails. I wasn't quite sure how to begin doing this nail design so I looked up some pictures and got a pretty good idea how to do the design.

I started by painted my nails a solid reddish/pink color. This is going to be the base of the watermelon. I used "Vineyard" form Pure Ice for my base color. I first thought about using one of my red colors but in my opinion using the red for a base coat makes the design look more like strawberries instead of watermelons. After I painted my base coat I let it dry a few hours before doing details. I knew I would be using note book page reinforcer to get a good curve in my tips and I definitely did not want the sticker to stick to my nails. I placed the stickers at the tip of my nail and painted it a deep green color, I used Camouflage from Rimmel. While I waited on the color to dry, I placed a few drops of "Wild Thing" from Pure Ice onto an index card. When my nail tip became tacky I painted another coat of "Camouflage" and then used a dotting tool, I applied the "Wild Thing" green to my nail. I had some trouble getting the greens to blend together the way I wanted them to with my dotting tool. So I decided to try a tooth-pick. That also didn't work so I tried using a paint brush. This work very well and was super easy. After, the green polish dried, I peeled off the stickers. This time I had no trouble peeling them off. When all the stickers were off I took my fine tipped white which is "White" from LA Colors and drew a small white line under the green to resemble the rind of a watermelon. The last step for this mani is seeds. I used "Liquid Leather" from China Glaze. I found out that using my dotting tool and slightly pulling the small black dot down works better than a tooth-pick. But both will do fine. I put three small dots on each finger but you can do more depending on what you like. Over all this mani was fairly easy and I really loved wearing it around.
Until next time,
Love and Nail Polish,

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