Friday, April 27, 2012

April Nail Hual

This month I ended up with seven new polishes!!! I think I have blogged about some of them in previews post. But I haven't had time to get my haul post wrote. However now I am finally getting around to it! You will notice that I forgot to take a separate picture for the Purple fine tip polish. It is a fine tip polish from Stripe Rite. I ended up getting it as a buy 2 get one free deal at sally's. I haven't had a chance to use the polish yet. But it is a pretty lilac color and will look for some summer manicures I have in mind.

"Sunset Sail" and "In the Lime Light (Neon)" from China Glaze:
"Sunset Sail" is a nude polish, with very little shine. The first nude polish I bought was from Pure Ice and is super shiny. So Sunset Sail is good for faces and designs using flat polishes.
"In The Lime Light (Neon)" is a bright green polish. It will be a great of some summer designs

"Portobello" from Nails Inc. This is by far one of my favorite polish, I have bought in a while. This was my first nails inc polish and I love it! "Portobello" is a bright, almost neon orange polish! I wore this polish on my toes for two to three week just because I liked it so much!! The only bad thing about this polish is that it is not very opaque. It took me about 3 coats to get the thickness I prefer. But besides that it is an amazing polish! I can't wait to try more polishes from this brand.

"Wild thing" from Pure Ice. is a VERY lime green polish. I have had this polish before. But I ran out about two months ago. So I just now got a replacement polish. This polish is pretty opaque. It only takes about two coats to get the coverage I like. It also chips very little, with one coat of top coat I can get by with wearing it for about 5 days. It also does great in nail design because it is so thick. I have used it in many designs in the past and can't wait to try some new one since I added it back to my collection.  
"Big City Dazzle" from NYC is a clear, fine glitter packed polish. The glitter is two tones of purple and blue glitter. It is a super pretty polish. However, you have to paint a polish under this one. Or add several coats of "Big City Dazzle" to get good coverage
"Park Ave" is a medium tone taupe polish. I usually don't buy many polish like this one but since I didn't have a taupe color I decided this one would make a good addition to my collection. 

That's all for this haul!
Love and Nail Polish,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pirate Nails

Last week I decided to have a pirate themed movie party! I knew I need something fun and festive for my nails, so I decided to add some pirate flair to my nails.

Colors I Used:
Map Nails-  "Best Friend" Pure Ice, "Pearl Black" Kiss Nail Art, and "Primary Color" Finger Paints
Skull and Cross Bones- "Electric!" Pure Ice, and "134 French Tip White" NYC
Pirate Face Nails- "Best Friend" Pure Ice, "134 French Tip White" NYC, "Primary Color" Finger Paints and "Pearl Black" Kiss Nail Art,

How I Did It:
I think the Map nails, explain them self. I used my fine tip paint brush for all of the details and I thought these turned out great!
The Skull and Cross Bones were a little more difficult. I used my dotting tool and kept working at the shape of the skull till I thought it looked right. For the Cross Bones I painted an "X" then with my dotting tool added two dots and each end of the "X." This design was really simple you just have to work at it will you get the shape correct.
For the Pirate Face nails, I started by painting it the base coat. Then I add a thick, red stripe to 1/3 of my nail. This will become the bandanna of the pirate. Once, the red had dried I add some white dots with my dotting tool. I add to black eyes and a reddish/pink smile. For the nose of my pirate I used the same polish as my base coat but mixed it with some white polish. The Pirate face was a little hard but looked super cute when I done. Over all this was on the moderate scale for nail design. I had a lot of fun with it and really liked the way it turned out.
Love and Nail Polish,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Nail Art

So this post is a little late but happy late Easter!! I hope your Easter went great. Mine was good I went to S.C to see family. We went to my Granny's, which is what we do every year. We dyed eggs and had a great Easter dinner. But let's not forget what the real meaning of Easter is about. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has risen! What an amazing thing. I am so thankfully for my salvation and that I have a savior who loves me more than I can even imagine.

For my Easter mani I decided to paint some major nail art.

Colors I Used:                    
Thumb: "134 French White Tip" NYC and "Lemon Fizz" China Glaze, and *No Name* from Stripe Rite
Index: "Garden" Revlon
and "Green Apple" Crayola
Middle: The Base Coat was a Franken I made, then the dots were "307 No Hard Feeling" Sally Hansen, and a purple polish from California Nails
Ring: "Garden" Revlon, "134 French White Tip" NYC, "Waterfall" Revlon
& "Warm and Fozzie" OPI
Pinkie: "Love" Pure Ice and *No Name* from Stripe Rite

I'm not going in to depth about how I did this manicure, because I don't have time. However, I did use my dotting tool for the clouds on my cross nail and there will be some colors I did not list. I ended up lightening a few of my polishes with white polish, because I didn't have the shade I wanted. I guess I need to go polish shopping haha. This mani was fairly easy and I really liked the way this mani turned out.
Love and Nail Polish,

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dance Nails and Pics!

THE DANCE WENT AMAZING!!  I had a BLAST. For my nails I did something really fun and I love the way it turned out!

Colors I Used:
French Tip Fingers- "840 Black Heart" Sally Hansen and "Getting Miss Piggy with It" OPI
Tux- "840 Black Heart" Sally Hansen, "134 French White Tip" NYC and "Ruby Pumps" China Glaze
Bling Nail- "Ruby Pumps" China Glaze and "228 Chelsea" NYC

How I Did It:
For my Six French tip nails. I first painted my nails like you would for any French mani, except I did black tips instead of white. Next, I sponged on some red glitter to make the tips sparkle a little more.
For my two thumbs I painted one coat of "Chelsea" and then two coats on "Ruby Pumps". Once the polish had completely dried I began placing jewels. I ended up using some jewels I found at Walmart and the black jewels came from Hobby Lobby. I think for two packs of jewels I spent around 5.00$. To adhere the jewels I use kiss nail glue. For my two nails I used about 60 assorted jewels and it took my about an hour too glue them down. However, I was a little picky about the placement of the jewels. So depending on how picky you are and how many jewels you use it could take less time.
For my Tux nails, I stared by painting my whole nail black. Next, I used a fine tip brush and painted a "Y" shape from the end to the tip of my nail. I carefully filled in the top part of the "Y" with white paint. This created the shirt of my tux. I then added four white buttons on the coat part and two buttons to the shirt. To paint the bow tie, I used my dotting tool and "Ruby Slippers". I placed four dots in an "x" shape and connected them with thick lines. The tux nails look lots harder than they actually are. Just go slowly and they should turn out great.
This manicure was definitely one of my favorites and I love the way it turned out.

More pictures from prom!!!

My Toes!!!!!

My Sweet Boyfriend and date!

Isaac surprised me with the flowers! He is so sweet!!

My BFF!!! She help do my hair! Thanks girly!


Love and Nail Polish,

Monday, April 2, 2012

Claire's Magnetic Nail Polish

Since I have never used magnetic nail polish, when I saw this polish at Claire's I knew I had to buy it. I wasn't quite sure if I would like this polish. But I figured it was worth a try. I bought this Silver polish for 8.00$. After reading the instructions on how to paint the polish on, I decided to do a whole manicure using this polish. It was super easy to paint on! However, I was disappointed that the magnetic stripes did not show up like I expected but it was still pretty. I'm not sure if the lack of effect had to do with my lack of experience, the length of my nails or the brand of polish I used. One of my biggest concerns with this brand of nail polish was chipping. The polishes I have bought from Claire's in the past have chipped super easy. But this polish was great and last about three day. I would have lasted longer but I took it off, so I could do another mani.
Over all this polish was great!
What do you think?
What are your favorite brands of Magnetic Nail Polish?
Love and Nail Polish,