Friday, April 6, 2012

Dance Nails and Pics!

THE DANCE WENT AMAZING!!  I had a BLAST. For my nails I did something really fun and I love the way it turned out!

Colors I Used:
French Tip Fingers- "840 Black Heart" Sally Hansen and "Getting Miss Piggy with It" OPI
Tux- "840 Black Heart" Sally Hansen, "134 French White Tip" NYC and "Ruby Pumps" China Glaze
Bling Nail- "Ruby Pumps" China Glaze and "228 Chelsea" NYC

How I Did It:
For my Six French tip nails. I first painted my nails like you would for any French mani, except I did black tips instead of white. Next, I sponged on some red glitter to make the tips sparkle a little more.
For my two thumbs I painted one coat of "Chelsea" and then two coats on "Ruby Pumps". Once the polish had completely dried I began placing jewels. I ended up using some jewels I found at Walmart and the black jewels came from Hobby Lobby. I think for two packs of jewels I spent around 5.00$. To adhere the jewels I use kiss nail glue. For my two nails I used about 60 assorted jewels and it took my about an hour too glue them down. However, I was a little picky about the placement of the jewels. So depending on how picky you are and how many jewels you use it could take less time.
For my Tux nails, I stared by painting my whole nail black. Next, I used a fine tip brush and painted a "Y" shape from the end to the tip of my nail. I carefully filled in the top part of the "Y" with white paint. This created the shirt of my tux. I then added four white buttons on the coat part and two buttons to the shirt. To paint the bow tie, I used my dotting tool and "Ruby Slippers". I placed four dots in an "x" shape and connected them with thick lines. The tux nails look lots harder than they actually are. Just go slowly and they should turn out great.
This manicure was definitely one of my favorites and I love the way it turned out.

More pictures from prom!!!

My Toes!!!!!

My Sweet Boyfriend and date!

Isaac surprised me with the flowers! He is so sweet!!

My BFF!!! She help do my hair! Thanks girly!


Love and Nail Polish,

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