Friday, April 20, 2012

Pirate Nails

Last week I decided to have a pirate themed movie party! I knew I need something fun and festive for my nails, so I decided to add some pirate flair to my nails.

Colors I Used:
Map Nails-  "Best Friend" Pure Ice, "Pearl Black" Kiss Nail Art, and "Primary Color" Finger Paints
Skull and Cross Bones- "Electric!" Pure Ice, and "134 French Tip White" NYC
Pirate Face Nails- "Best Friend" Pure Ice, "134 French Tip White" NYC, "Primary Color" Finger Paints and "Pearl Black" Kiss Nail Art,

How I Did It:
I think the Map nails, explain them self. I used my fine tip paint brush for all of the details and I thought these turned out great!
The Skull and Cross Bones were a little more difficult. I used my dotting tool and kept working at the shape of the skull till I thought it looked right. For the Cross Bones I painted an "X" then with my dotting tool added two dots and each end of the "X." This design was really simple you just have to work at it will you get the shape correct.
For the Pirate Face nails, I started by painting it the base coat. Then I add a thick, red stripe to 1/3 of my nail. This will become the bandanna of the pirate. Once, the red had dried I add some white dots with my dotting tool. I add to black eyes and a reddish/pink smile. For the nose of my pirate I used the same polish as my base coat but mixed it with some white polish. The Pirate face was a little hard but looked super cute when I done. Over all this was on the moderate scale for nail design. I had a lot of fun with it and really liked the way it turned out.
Love and Nail Polish,

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