Friday, November 18, 2011

News Paper Nails

After a dis-hearting failure at comic strip nails I decided to try newspaper nails. THESE ARE SO EASY!!!! And super cute! I ran across this design a while back but never had the chance to do them. Since I am going on a youth retreat this weekend, I was hoping to show off some cute comic strip nails. But after, that failing (I need some more practice) I decided to do this design. This design was a lot easier and quicker then I excepted and I think they turned out great for my first time.

For this mani you will need:
  White Nail Polish
   Rubbing Alcohol
   Small Container
   New Paper (DUH)
   Top Coat

To start you will need to cut out 1 by 1 inch squares of newspaper. It doesn't matter what it saids. When the words copy on your nails they will be backwards, so you can't read them.
Next, paint your nails a solid white. I used "French White Tip" from NYC.
Once, the polish has dried complete. Pour some of the rubbing alcohol into a small container. Any kind of container will work.
Then, carefully dip the newspaper strip into the alcohol. Make sure the piece is fully wet before placing it on your nail. I left each piece in the alcohol for about 3-5 seconds.
After, taking the newspaper out of the alcohol carefully lay it on your nail. Push the paper as hard as you can onto your nail, rolling you fingers back n' forth over the paper. Doing this will help the ink go on to you nail. I pressed mine on for about 30 seconds before I peeled the newspaper off. The harder you rub and the longer you leave the paper on your nail, the darker the pigment of the writing will be on your nail.
Lastly, apply a thick coat of top coat. This is a a necessary step because the ink will rub off quickly unless you add the top coat.
That's it! It really is that easy. Hopefully I will figure out how to do the comic strip nails soon and I will post them. But for now I am going to show off these creative newspaper nails.
Love and Nail Polish,

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