Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ying Yang MANI!!!

Since I loved my ying-yang pedicure so much I decided to do the design on my nails. This mani took about two hours and lots of thinking about how to get the design right. I decided I didn't want to paint the ying-yang symbol on all my fingers so I decided to paint it just on my thump and ring finger. To get the design straight I used and pencil and a permit marker to draw the outline. Then I filled the online in with my black and white polish using a small tip paint brush. For polishes I use "Liquid Leather" from China Glaze and "White" from I Love My Nails. For the rest of my nails the design was very easy. I used the same colors but painted French tips. Then I used my dotting tool to paint the small designs on the tips and a fine tip brush to paint sliver line. For the silver polish I used "Silver" from LA colors. I debated on adding some glitter but I never got around to it. Over all this mani was semi easy, the hardest part was getting the ying-yang symbol correct. This is probably another one of my fave mani.

Until next time.
Love and Nail Polish,

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