Thursday, November 10, 2011


This week, Mom and I went shopping. I already knew I was going to be looking for new polishes. However, I didn't know what I would fine along the way. When, I was at JCPenny and saw they carried OPI polish in their salon. I really like OPI polishes the only thing is I never seem to have enough money to get ALL the colors I want. But Monday, I was able to buy three OPI polish for only 7.50$. I had received a 10 dollars off 10 dollars coupon in the mail and the JCpenny salon was having a buy two get one free. AWESOME deal, I know. If you have a JCpenny near you I would definitely go check it out. I was even more excited when I found out that the salon carried the Muppet's collection!! I was a fan of the Muppet's when I was little and when I found out they had a collection coming out I knew I HAD to get a few polishes. I ended up with "Warm and Fozzy" my absolute favorite. It is a brown polish with a little hint of some duo-chrome mixed in. I also got "Getting Miss Piggy with It" this polish is packed with red glitter and it apply very easy. The last color I got wasn't from the Muppet's collection but it caught my eye and I decided to buy it. I got "Silver Shatter" from the crackle collection. I have wanted to try an OPI crackle since it came out but I just never got around to buying one. I wanted to try the black crackle but since I already had a back, white and gold from other brands, which I liked I decided to go for the silver. I can't wait for use the polish and hopefully I will be able to get them up soon.
Love and Nail Polish,

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