Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Day Organizing Polish

Organizing Nail Polish! That is what I do in my free time!! Well when I have free time!!! Obviously I hardly have time to blog, so organizing nail polish doesn't get done often! haha
However, I did get around to organizing a few days ago! And of course when I organize I have to do it the right way! I started by getting all my nail boxes out, my computer and a movie.
Since, I had never had watched the Bourne movies and my boyfriend wanted to see the new one, I decided to watch the "The Bourne Supremacy" After, playing my movie, I began to re-order my nail polish. I am awful for being in a hurry and just placing polish in a convenient spot. So, they were quite out of order. Next, I re-ordered my nail-tool box, placing everything its correct bag and spot, making it much easier to get to all my many, many tools. After that was all orderly, I pulled out my nail wheels and looked for all my new polish that I had yet to swatch. This ended up being like 10 or more polish, because yet again, it seems like I never have time to do anything haha. Once, that was done I again made sure everything was it its correct spot and finished watching my movie! I actually really enjoyed my afternoon or organization! The payoff was quite nice! I need to get better at doing this haha
AFTER!!! :)
Love and Nail Polish,

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