Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blue Sponge Effect

This mani was a slight fail! When I started painting I had intended on making the a deep sea inspired manicure. However, when I went to add the sea horses and sea weed.....Well lets just say it didn't work out and I didn't have enough time to come up with a plan B. So this is the mani I went with! I actually really liked it, despite the slight fail.

Colors I Used:
Base: "Splash" from Pure Ice,
Bottom Layer: "Skin Tight Denim" from NYC, and "Sturdy Sapphire" from Sally Hansen,
Middle Layer: "To-Teally Chic" from Finger Paints
Top Layer: "Waterfall" from Revlon "French White Tip" from NYC, "Once Again" and "Mint Dream" from Pure Ice
Bubbles: "Waterfall" from Revlon "French White Tip" from NYC, and "Mint Dream" from Pure Ice
Top Coat: "Oh Baby" from Pure Ice

Love and Nail Polish,

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