Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nail Haul January

I finally got a better storage solution for all of my nails polish!!! I'll be making a post about that soon (Hopefully.) However, these four new polishes will not fit in my new bin....... It looks like I'll be going to buy another one soon!!

Left to Right: "Waterfall" "Sparkle" "Garden" from Revlon
and "Shine of the Times" from Essie

I went shopping last weekend looking for a light blue polish and I ended up coming for with 4 brand new polishes. What can I say besides it's an addiction haha. The new polishes I got are "Waterfall," "Sparkle,"  "Garden" from Revlon and "Shine of the Times" from Essie.

"Waterfall," "Sparkle" and "Garden" from Revlon
"Waterfall"- This is the polish I was originally going out to find. I needed a thick light blue for a manicure I had in mind. I ended up finding few brands with different shades of light blues. But this one came in a combo pack with two other polishes so I decided to get this one. The pack was 7.00$ for 3 mini polish. This wasn't too bad because a normal sized bottle is 5.00$ for one. The polish is a flat light blue color and is supper pretty. It took about two coats to get the thickness I prefer. But this is a polish that probably only needs one coat. Since this polish is a mini the brush is a little smaller then a usually size but it still applied the polish even. I am currently wearing this polish and I am loving this color.
"Sparkle"- is a clear base polish, filled with lots of fine sliver glitter and medium sized silver glitter dots. This color kinda reminds me of a disco ball and it is SUPER sparkly (Hints the name haha) I add this to my recent mani and it is really pretty.
"Garden"- is a pretty lime green polish. I haven't had a chance to try this polish yet. However, it looks like it will be a great green shade.

"Shine of the Times" from Essie
"Shine of the Times"- This is from Essie collection "Luxeffects" and I LOVE IT!!! I have wanted this polish for a few months but never went out and looked for it. When I ran across it at Ultra the other day I decided to pick it up. I really like the effect it gives my nails and one coat is all you need. I will definitely be using this polish is some future manicures.

Well that's all for this Haul!!
Love and Nail Polish,

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