Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pure Ice-Rescue Me (Glow In The Dark)

I recently Googled a list of Pure Ice nail polishes. One of the first colors that popped up was "Rescue Me". I had seen this color at Walmart and sorta liked it but I had not bought it yet. That was until I found the list and right under its name it read GLOW IN THE DARK! I think I literally squealed in joy. It has been years since I owned glow in the dark polish. I was thinking about going out and getting the Glow polish from the China Glaze, Haunting Collection. Most likely I still will because I want to see if the polish is any different from the Pure Ice. Today when I bought this polish, I came home, held it up to the bathroom light, and cut ALL the lights off just to see if it really did glow. When I saw the green-ish light come from the bottle I was even happier.

I can't wait to see how this polish turns out on my nails.
Hopefully I will get to use it soon
Love and Nail Polish,

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