Friday, September 16, 2011

More Nail Polish :)

ANOTHER NAIL POLISH HAUL!!! Oh how I love going nail polish shopping. Getting new bottles always makes me smile. After, getting my permit (which I was extremely thrilled to have), I went by Walgreens and picked up these four colors.
Aren't they pretty!! haha
Left to right: "Night Prowl" from Wet N Wild. This polish is a dark black, with lots of fine purple glitter. In the shade the polish looks like a regular black. But when the sun hits it just right you can tell it is filled with lots of purple glitter. I think it was about 99 cents, so it was a very reasonable price. I put this color on my toes and I really like it.
Next, is "Party of Five Glitters" also from Wet N Wild. I LOVE this polish. It is filled with small glitters, medium glitters and even hexagon glitters. I can't remember the price on this one, but I think it was around a dollar.
The third polish, in the picture is "Hottie" from Sinful Colors. This color reminds me of "Last Friday Night" from the Katy Perry collection from OPI. I saw "Last Friday Night" a while back and I looked up some pics of it to see if it was similar. "Hottie" seems to be a little lighter but a very close dupe. This polish was around 1.99$ and I really like it. However, it is a pain to remove because of all the glitter.
Fourth, is "Flower Girl" from Sinful Colors. This polish is one of their fine tip polishes. I loved that the color is a nice gold, instead of being to orange or yellow gold color. The polish also applies very easy and was only around a dollar.
The last polish is "Flash" from Pure Ice. But this is not just a normal white, it is a crackle polish. I have been wanting a white crackle, but I had not had the chance to find one yet. So when I saw this little bottle on the display I knew I had to grab it. This polish was 3.99$ but totally worth it. I am still curious how the OPI, Finger Paints and Sally Hanson's crackle polish work. What are you opinions on what is the best one?
I also found out that Pure Ice and Sinful Colors have a Halloween collection out. I was kinda disappointed in the Pure Ice collection thought. Because there were no new colors besides a new Glow N the Dark and a Black Light polish. The Sinful Colors Collection was really nice. It had a lot of fall colors that will look good.
Over all I am very satisfied with my new polishes and I sure you will be seeing them again soon.
Love and Nail Polish,

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