Friday, September 30, 2011


When I found out Lion King 3D was coming out, I knew I had to see it. I made plans with a friend and we both decided to go see it on Saturday. On Friday I was looking at my nails and decided that I wanted to do something Lion King inspired. After much thinking I decided to do safari animal print. I picked out five different animals and decided to do each print on a different finger. Over all I loved the way it turned out.

What ya think?
For the giraffe print, I layered two coats of "Un-Zip Me" from Pure Ice over one coat of "Copperglaze Platinum" from Revlon . To paint the giraffe spots I used a small paint brush and "Totally Toffee" from Revlon.
To Paint the cheetah print, I used "Copperglaze Platinum" "Totally Toffee" and "Hot Chocolate" from Revlon. To see the way I painted the cheetah technique check out my cheetah print post.
This is the second or third time I have done tiger print. It seems like I get better every time I do this design. For the base, I used one coat of "Big Night Out" from Rimmel under one coat of "Hot Tamale" from I Love My Nails. For the stripes, I used "Liquid Leather" and use a paint brush to carefully draw on the lines. 
A close up on my Lion print nail.
For the Lion design, I used two coats of "Gold Dust" from Pure Ice layered under one coat of "Un-zip Me" from Pure Ice. I took me a little while to decide how to get the point of a Lion across, since it doesn't really have a certain print. I first started but sponging a little of "Hot Tamale" and "Copperglaze Platinum" half way down my nails. Then, I mixed "Copperglaze Platinum" "Totally Toffee" from Revlon and "Magic" from Pure Ice on an index card. I took a hard bristle brush, dipped it in the paint and quickly dragged it across my nail. This created the look of hair across my nail. It turned out really good on my left hand, but not as well on my right.

For the zebra print, I used "Super Star" from Pure Ice and "Liquid Leather" from Finger Paints. I did this design the same way as the tiger design, except I drew the lines a little different.
For my green nail, I used "Camouflage" from Rimmel as the base coat. Then, I used "Liquid Leather" for the writing.
Over all this mani took about 3 hours and I love it!! Plus the movie was amazing!!! :)

Love and Nail Polish,

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