Sunday, October 2, 2011


I absolutely love this color!! When I bought this polish I thought it would be a great fall color, because of the dark purple/red shade. The cost for this color was around a dollar. So it was very affordable. When I painted the polish on my nails I was a concerned it would be a little dark for me. I placed a coat of "Dream" from sinful colors underneath it, hoping it would lighten the color. However, the polish seemed to lighten the longer it was on my nails. This polish took about two coats and it applied very smooth. The brush was really nice and I had no brush strokes left with I was done painting.
 Even though this polish by itself was amazing, I decide it need a little more sparkle. I add one coat of "Party of Five Glitters" from Wet N' Wild. I'm not big on solid colored manicures so this added just enough sparkle for me.
If you have never tried a N.Y.C color it is definitely a brand worth trying.
Love and Nail Polish,

Here and extra picture I took, while I was taking pics of my finger. I absolutely love taking pictures of flowers.

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