Friday, September 23, 2011

Pink Sponge Mani

This week I was looking for a cute but quick mani. I thought about a few designs and I finally decided on another sponge technique. I was in a pink mood so I picked three pink polishes. I used "Love" "Flirt Alert" and "Free Fall" all from Pure Ice. I started this mani by painting a thin coat of "Free Fall" on all of my nails. Then, I sponged "Love" at the tips. When I had fully covered the tips, I sponged "Flirt Alert" in the middle and "Free Fall" at the end. I loved the way each color blended together. The sponge effect is definitely one of my favorite techniques. For my Index finger I decided I wanted something a little different than the rest on my nails. So I decided to do a glitter and jelly sandwich.  I started with two coats of "Free Fall" and then applied one coat of "Party of Five Glitters" I love this polish!!! Once that was dry I used another thin coat of "Free Fall" to finish my sandwich. This was the first time I had ever done a glitter and jelly sandwich. So far I really like the design and I cant wait to do more manicures this way.  Over all this mani was really quick and super cute. XOXO's
Love and Nail Polish,

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