Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Tree and Lights

The week I decided to go for an all-out Christmas design. So I figured what was more Christmas than a Christmas tree and Lights.  I think the design turned out great and it is definitely one of my favorites!

The colors I used in this manicure are:
For the French Tip= "French Tip" from NYC and "French Lingerie" from Rimmel
For the Tree= "Camouflage" from Rimmel, "Hot for Chocolate" from Revlon and random colors for the ornaments
For the Lights= "Yellow" and  "Pearl Black" from Kiss. "Bright Orange" "Red Glitter" and "Green Glitter" from LA Colors

To start this manicure I painted a basic white French tip.
Next, I did the lights. To paint the lights, I used a fine tip striper in black. I painted wavy lines down my nails, occasionally doing a loop. Once, the line was painted I added small black lines coming from the main black line. This is the line where I started the bulbs. To paint the Bulbs I used four different stripers. The colors I used for the bulbs were "Red Glitter," "Green Glitter,"  and "Bright Orange" From LA Colors and "Yellow" from Kiss.  I carefully placed the brush on the small black line. Then, I pulled the paint out to make the lights look attached to the wire. The Lights could have been a manicure by itself but I decided to add a Christmas tree to my Thumb. To paint the Christmas tree, I started by drawing three triangles, making the different levels of the tree. Next, I filled in each triangle using "Camouflage" from Rimmel. To make the stump of the tree I used "Hot for Chocolate" from Revlon and painted a small rectangle at the bottom of the tree. For the ornaments I used a red, yellow and orange polish. I carefully placed dots around the tree using my dotting tool.  To finish this Christmas inspired mani I place a clear top coat over to protect the design. Over all this mani was slightly difficult but if you have a steady hand it can be easily done.

Love and Nail Polish,

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