Thursday, December 1, 2011

Make Up Review: "Lash Tinsel" from Hard Candy

For all of you mascara lovers in the world, this is for you!! A few months ago a friend told me about "Lash Tinsel" from Hard Candy. This is clear mascara that leaves glitter sparkles behind after you apply it to you lashes. You can also buy the mascara in black that also has glitter mix in.  I usually apply the mascara over my black mascara. Then, I use a lash brush to smooth out the mascara clumps, if there is any. The only problem with this mascara is if your eyes are sensitive it could irritate your eyes. The glitter also makes you lashes really stiff. So again if you have sensitive eyes be very careful! Over all I love this mascara! If you have ever used this mascara or decide to try it feel free to comment your thoughts below.
Love and Nail Polish,

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