Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Birthday Haul and Review!!

Since I have amazing friends and they know I have a nail polish addiction. I was given some nail polish for my Birhday!! There isnt many gifts that can top loads of polish haha. I ended up getting 10 new polishes. A set of Crayola polish (yes! like the crayon Crayola), a set of stripers from Kiss and three random polish from Pure Ice.

L to R- Bubble Gum, Grape, Blueberry and Green Apple from Crayola. Yes, this is the same company that makes crayons. My friend knew I liked crayons so she found it comical that they also made nail polish. The Pink and purple polishes are a little sheer, but with 2 coats the color looks great. Also, each polish is a scented polish, and they all smell amazing!

L to R "Rock Star"Pearl Black" and "Yellow" from Kiss Nail Art Paint. So far I have used "Pearl Black" and "Yellow." I really like the smoothness of the brush because it applies well. Also, the length of the brush is good for nail art. The polish is great and applies very opaque. Plus usually when you buy these in a set a set of rhinestones or nail stencil are include.

L to R- "Once Again," "No Means No" and "First Time" from Pure Ice. I had a chance to use all three of these polish and all of them are great.
"Once Again" is a blue, glitter packed polish. It is really thin polish, so it took about four coats. But the fine, light blue glitter is amazing!
"No Mean No" is a royal purple polish and very pretty. It is very opaque so it only take one coat, two at most to get good coverage.
"First Time" is a medium green metallic polish that gives your nails a foil look. I am currently wearing it right now and really like it. I applied two coats but you  probably could go with one. The polish has a nice shine to it. However, I had some brush strokes when I applied the polish.  But it could be the brush in my polish.
All three of these polishes are great and I can't wait to use them in other mani's

Also, I got a Manicure Clean-Up Pin!!! I LOVE THIS THING!!! Any time I make a smudge or mess up on nail art. I can get this pen and it gently removes the polish without removing the base coat. The pen came with two changeable tips. So when one gets dirty I will have a new one. So far I have really liked the pen and it has worked great.

Over all the colors in my Birthday Haul were great and I can't wait to use them in my future manicures.

Love and Nail Polish,


  1. They look awesome!!! Who knew Crayola also made nail polish??? Weird. And you would think it would be cheap nail polish that's totally worthless...since they are a crayon company and not a nail polish company...but it sounds amazing!

  2. I know, I was shocked! I tried them out on my nail wheels and the polish applied very smooth. I excited to try the polish out on a full manicure!