Thursday, December 15, 2011

GLOW/Black light mani

MY BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK!! For my 16th birthday, my Parents and I planned a small party. We decided to do a glow in the dark/black light theme. So I knew I needed an awesome manicure.
To paint this manicure I used "Rescue Me" from Pure Ice and "Strobe Light" from Pure Ice Crackle on my pinkie and index fingers. On my Thumb and Ring finger I did a plaid design using "Bright Orange" from LA Colors and (This polish had no name) from Stripe Rite. You can check out how I did the plaid design here  On my middle finger, I used "Magenta" and "Bright Orange" from LA Colors to draw a sixteen.  I tried to use colors I knew would glow under the black-light. However, the pink I used for my plaid design glowed orange instead of pink. Over all this manicure was really cool and the effect with the black-light on them was awesome!!

Colors I used:
"Strobe Light" from Pure Ice Crackle,
"Rescue Me" from Pure Ice,
"Black Lace Cream" from NYC,
(Unknown name) from Stripe Rite,
"Magenta" and "Bright Orange" from LA Colors.

Love and Nail Polish,

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