Friday, July 29, 2011

Pink N' Sliver Toez

My awful Toes

This has been one of my favorite pedicure designs of all time. I like how simple this design is, but it is still sparkly and cute. I started off with "blissful" from In The Mood. This is one of my favorite colors in my polish collection. The reason way is because after you apply the polish to you nails it will CHANGE COLORS! When you are hot your nails will be white and when you are cold you nails will be a medium pink color. This is the only In The Mood color I have and I am on the lookout for more colors from this brand. Anyways back to how I did the pedi, for my big toe I did a sponge effect. To do the sponge effect, I dipped out, some nail polish and placed it onto an index card. Then, I took my sponge (just a regular sponge brush from the craft store) and dipped into the nail polish dot. From there I just lightly sponged on the pink. I did about two pink coats and then did the same with the silver. Then let it dry in between each coat. By the end of this pedi I think I had a total of three or four coats of silver and pink polish.  After, the polish complete dried I applied a top coat. For the rest of my toes I decide to do the pink as a solid color. I was concerned if I clear coated the polish it wouldn't change colors. However, I was wrong and it doesn't matter if you clear coat. The polish did stay on for about four days without clear coat before look slight shabby.  This is a super easy and quick pedi and I love how it turned out!

XOXO's Love and Nail Polish,

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