Saturday, July 16, 2011

Snake Skin Manicure!

When I found this Mani on The Looks for Less I was ecstatic. I literally think I remember squealing with excitement. I read her entire post, watched a video and even searched Google for more information of different ways to this technique. I found out that is mani had been showed on the today show recently and to have it done in salons it has whooping 150$ to 300$ price tag. I knew I could do it for way less and was excited to give it a try.  After, a few days of researching I set out on my hunt for snake snuff. Snuff is the skin that the snake sheds naturally it is also more humane then using real snake skin. I guess it is one snake’s trash is another person’s treasure lol. At the time we were camping in a state park, so I decided to ask one of the rangers at the nature center if they had any snake snuff I could use. I got a strange look, but after explaining why I wanted it, the ranger seemed on board. Jen gave me three different kinds of snake skin and about five pieces. She even came over the next day so I could to a trial run on her nails. I was excited about doing her nails and it taught me a lot before I did the technique to my nails. I think both of our manicures turned out great!

For the Snake Skin Mani you will need:
•Real Snakeskin (Snake Snuff)
•A Base Coat
•A Base Color
•Thick Clear Top Coat
•Small Scissors
I started by using a deep brown base coat, For my base coat I used "Bronze Baby" from Petties. Jen decided that she wanted to use four different colors for her manicure. So, I used "Bronze Baby" from Petties, "Magic" from Pure Ice, and "Totally Toffee" and "Copper-glaze Platinum" both Revlon. I cut the snake skin to fit each nail and then applied a think top coat; before it could dry I used the Tweezers to carefully place the snake skin onto the nails. Once the bottom coat had dried good, I did the trimming to the snake skin. Trimming it just insures that all of the snake skin it against your nails. Next, I applied two thick layers of top coat.  The texture of the snake skin is slightly odd but I was able to get used to it after a day or two. After wearing the mani for a few days, I found that the snake skin with the smaller scales worked better than the skin with the bigger scales and they also have less texture.
As you can tell, I'm still working on the whole water marking thing. Any suggestion would be super helpful!

Over all the mani was amazing. I will definitely be doing it again.
What do you think of the manicure?
Would you try it yourself?

XOXO's Love and Nail Polish,

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  1. whoa- this is really cool, i like the nails with the smaller scales.....