Thursday, July 7, 2011


Before I start blogging about all the different polishes I use and the designs I make, I thought I would introduce you to some of the common tools I use to make the designs. 

This is a group of most of my tools inside my nail polish box.  First off, the two blue handled and yellow handle brushes are just regular paint brushes. I think I got all three of them from Walmart, they are great when trying to make small designs. I also have a file and an index card, I think all of you know what the file is for. I use the index card to put dabs of polish on when I am doing certain designs. The dotting tool is laying right after, the file. It is defiantly one of my favorite tools, and has help me achieve a lot of different looks. I have more written on the dotting tool below. The last tool I have in this picture is just a regular sponge brush from Walmart. I use it when I do a sponge technique on my nails. Hopefully I will have some picture of that technique up soon.

 Dotting Tool- First Off, This is possibly one of my favorite tools that I own. It took me about 2 months to fine and purchase this tool. I finally found it a Sally's Beauty Supplies for 6$ after looking at every store that came to my mind.  Sadly, I was only able to find it in one size, this greatly disappointed me. But I was still happy just to have come across one. Finding this tool was defiantly worth all my hard work and the price was extremely reasonable. 

 One tip of the tool is the dotting side. To use the tool you simply dip the point of the tool into the polish, then you make dots, swirls, lines or whatever you want to on your nail. Sometime you have to re-dip as you draw to keep the polish on the tool. I usually place some polish on to an index card and dip the point into the dot of polish on the card. But you can also dip in straight into the nail polish bottle if you wanted to, both ways work.
The other end is a paint brush. I'm not sure if you can see it from the picture but the tip of the paint brush is slightly bent. The reason why is so you can see better as you paint the designs on the nail. When I started looking for this tool, I was wanting one with two dotting points, one on each end. But since I could not find one made that way, I settled from this one.

There are some other random tools I did not list. However, they are only used for certain techniques. I will be sure to post them when I write about the different designs and things. Well that's all for now my dear nail lovers. I hope this post was somewhat informative and gave you some ideas if you have never thought of them. Good-night
XOXO's Love and Nail Polish
~ Sierra.

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