Sunday, July 24, 2011

Half-Moon Nails

I finally decided to try out the half-moon nail technique and I loved them!!! I started out by picking three different base colors. My choices were "Blue Collar" from Orly, "Wild Thing" and "Cream Flirt Alert" both from Pure Ice. I know it seems like I have been using these colors over and over again, which I have. But I do have more colors. I have just fancied these over my other colors lately. After, I painted the base coats in a rotating pattern, I applied the black which is "Liquid Leather" from Finger Paints. To make the half-moon effect I used note book page reinforcers. I placed them near the bottom of my nail on to the base coat. Then I painted the black on the upper part of my nail. I had some trouble get the stickers off my nails. I think it had to do with my fingers getting wet and it took a while for the polish to dry. Also, I was somewhat impatient with the drying process. Whoops!
After, I peeled the stickers off I dotted on four silver dots using my doting tool. The sliver is "Silver Mercedes" from Pure Ice.  After the dots dry I used one or two coats of clear coat just to protect my nails. For my thumb nail, I hand painted a design using a paint brush, and then used my dotting tool to apply more silver dots. Over all this manicure was fairly easy and I loved the way it turned out.

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