Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Time French Tips

After, wearing my snake skin manicure, I decided I wanted something bright. I went back n forth between tips or solids for a little while and then I finally decided on these summer looking French tips. For the base coat I used French Peach from I <3 my nails, I always use a cream/clear coat before I add the polish for the tips. For the tips I used "Blue Collar" from Orly, “Wild Thing" and "Crème Flirt Alert" both from Pure Ice. After, my nails dried I thought they looked to plain so I decided I would do a dot design. I use the three colors listed above and add an orange color. This color is "Bright Orange” from LA nails. LA colors are not very creative with their names, but I love the fine tip brushes. To do the dots I dropped some finger nail polish onto an index card and then dipped my dotting tool in the dot of polish that was on the card. It was fairly easy, except the polish I had dropped on to the index card dried extremely fast. But I think that had to do with me painting my nails outside in the heat

I tried to get a picture of the sparkles. This was the best pic I was able to take.
Once my nails had completely dried I used a sparkly top coat from Finger Paints called "Holiday Sparkles". I don't quite understand the name because in curtain sunlight it was blue and purple.  However, I thought it added a good slightly sparkly finish.

XOXO's Love and Nail Polish,

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