Friday, February 24, 2012

For the Love of Shoes

I absolutely love shoes!!! Heels always grasp my attention while walking thought a store. However, I always seem to have trouble walking in them. Just my luck! But somehow over the past few months I've ended up with a few fabulous pairs of shoes!! I recently got some red heels. But I forgot to get pictures of them for this post. Here are two of my favorite pairs!!

These are "Worthington" four inch, peep toe stilettos. There are 40.00$ at JCPenney. They are super comfortable and very cute. 

I ABSLOUTY LOVE THESE SHOES!!!! I am a HUGE sparkle fan and these shoes are sparkled covered!! They are from "Mossimo" and I got them at target for around 40.00$. I love the platform look and the thick heel they have!! There are a little harder to walk in, but I think that just because I have some balance issues haha.

I will try to get my new red heels up soon and also my dress for an upcoming dance I am going too soon.
Until later my fashion chickas.

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