Friday, March 2, 2012

Cheeteah Print Half Moon Nail Art

I have done a simple half-moon nail design before but this time I decided to take it up a notch. I went with a Red tip and a cheetah print half-moon. I love the combo and I think it looked really good together.

Colors I used:
Tip: "Crimson" from Pure Ice
Half Moon: "420 Copperglaze Platinum" "903 Hot for Chocolate" "415 Totally Toffee" from Revlon

How I Did It:
I started by painting my nails with two coats of "Copperglaze Platinum." Next I used notebook hole protectors, cut in half and placed them 1/4 of the way up my nail. This is not necessary, but it helps me get the curved line curved enough. After I made sure the sticker was adhered well, I painted two coats of "Crimson" making sure not to paint over the sticker. Once this dried I removed the sticker carefully. Make sure the nail polish has dried completely before removing it. Or the wet nail polish may smudge or come off with the sticker. Once the stickers are removed, I used "Totally Toffee" and "Hot for Chocolate" to paint a cheetah print design. To learn how to paint this design go to it explains hot to paint this design. It is super easy. Over all this manicure is fairly easy and I loved the way it turned out.

Love and Nail Polish,

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