Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yellow and Black Crackle Tips

Hello my dear readers, sorry my slim blog posting lately. Life has been crazy!!!! Between my little sister being in the hospital, school, dance lesson and getting ready for prom, I have had very little time to write. However, I do have a few blog posts in mind. I just have to find some time to write them down lol.

Anyways, Back to the reason you all read my blog...Nails!! This week I wanted something Yellow and Black. After tossing around a few ideas I decided on something quick and easy but still cute! 

Colors I Used:
(Nameless) and honey yellow from L.A Colors, "Excuse Me" from Pure Ice and "Strobe Light" from Pure Ice Crackle

How I Did It:
Since I didn't own the shade of yellow I needed, I painted two coat of  the polish from LA Color under two coats of "Excuse Me" from Pure Ice. Once, that had dried completely I painted the tips of my nails in a diagonal shape using "Strobe Light" a crackle polish from Pure Ice. On my Index and pinkie finger I add a small cross-hatching design below my crackle tip. Over all the manicure took about 30min including drying time. It was super easy and turned out really cute.

Love and Nail Polish,

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