Monday, February 13, 2012

Nail Haul: February

Left to Right: "Traffic-Stopper Copper" from Sephora by OPI,
"Spring Street" from NYC,
"Show Stopper" a Duo pack with the gold beside it from Pure Ice
and a Hoof Foot Scrub

I honestly didn't think I had spent too much money on nail polish or bought as much as I usually do this month. However then I realized this month is only half way over and I have four new bottles and a foot scrub!! Ok so maybe I don't realize just how much nail polish I buy a month. haha

"Spring Street" from NYC
"Spring Street"-is a bright orange polish. I compared it to "Clambake" from Essie's while in the store and it was almost an exact dupe. "Spring Street" is just a little more opaque than "Clambake." I got this polish at Target for 1.20$ which compared to "Clambake" which is priced 7.50$, was a great price. I really like the vibrant color this polish has and I can't wait to use it.

"Traffic Stopper Copper" from Sephora by OPI
"Traffic Stopper Copper" is an AMAZING copper glitter polish with a clear base. It is packed with medium copper glitter hexes and smaller glitter. I got this polish when I went shopping last week. I actually wasn't planning on buying any polish while I was shopping.  But since I wasn't able to find the skirt I wanted and saw the Sephora station I instantly detoured to the polish area. I had looked at this polish around Christmas but I didn't buy it. So as I twirled the bottle around in my hand I decided since I couldn't get my skirt I was spending the 10.00$ on this polish.

Pure Ice Crackle Duo
I got both of these polishes from 5.00$ plus it came with a cute little file. The red crackle is called "Show Stopper" and is a deep vibrant red color. The gold polish sadly has no name. This polish is a dark gold color and will look amazing with the red crackle.

Hoof Food Scrub
I saw this at Wal-Mart for 97 cents, and decided to pick it up. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, just because I keep forgetting to put it in my bathroom haha. Hopefully it will work pretty well then my feet will be ready for summer.

Well that's all for this haul.
Love and Nail Polish,

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