Sunday, February 12, 2012

Peguin Nails!

This week I was in the mood for something a little different so I decided to do a little penguin nail art.
I think they turned out super cute and I got lots of compliments

Colors I Used:
Penguin Nails- "Black Lace Cream" & "French White Tip" from NYC Colors, "Sunny Side Up" from Wet N' Wild and "" from LA Colors
Polka Dot Nails- One coat of a yellow polish that has no name from LA Color over two coats of "Sunny Side Up" from Wet N' Wild, "Pearl Black" from Kiss Colors "" from Rimmel and "French White Tip" from NYC Colors.
How I Did It:
First I started by painting my thumb, middle and pinkie finger white. Then, I painted my nails black leaving a white space for the belly of the penguin. Next, I added the eyes. To do this I made a white dot, then using my doting tool I made a smaller black dot inside the white dot. For the beak and feet of my penguin, I mixed my orange and yellow polish to create and light orange paint. Then, using a paint brush I painted a triangle for the beak and two v's for the feet. Over all the nail art on this manicure was semi easy and I love the way it turned out.
Since I didn't want a full penguin manicure I decide to paint two accent nails. For these nails I layered two coats of "Sunny Side Up" under one coat of a polish from L.A Colors. This made the same color I used for the beaks and feet on my penguin. Then, I used my dotting tool and made diagonal dotted lines using silver, black and white polish. I thought this manicure was super fun and very wintery
What do you think of penguin nail? Would you ever do them?

Love and Nail Polish,
Sierra <3

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