Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Hual

So I finally bought new polishes!! I was in walmart this week and found a yellow I had been looking for and a blue! The yellow was "Fierce N' Tangy" from Maybelline's new collection, it was about 1.99. The blue was "Sturdy Sapphire" from Sally Hansen and it cost around 1.50$ When I used them in my current mani. I was a little unpleased with the yellow! The polish was super thin, this wouldn't have been a problem accept the brush left streak marks. I used 3 coats and it still was a little streaky. However, the color was gorgeous, I liked the bright yellow shade and it dried with a gloss finish. "Sturdy Sapphire" from Sally Hansen was really pretty! It wasn't as opaque as I like but I think a few coats of polish will fix that. Since I used it as details in my current manicure, I didn't get a great feel for the polish. But so far I like the way the polish applied, was pleased with the brush and liked the color. I am planning on pairing it with a darker, glitter blue for a mani in the near future. Over all I liked both polishes. As I said above Maybelline's polish was a tad disappointing, but hopefully they will fix that in their next collection. XOXO's, Love and Nail Polish, Sierra

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