Monday, June 11, 2012

Splatter Paint

After, wanting to do this design for a few months, I finally decided to try out the splatter paint design. I wish I could say this design is as easy as it sounds. However, it was not. Most of it is just trial and error and figuring out what works for you.

Colors I Used:
Base Coat: "Love" from Pure Ice
Splatter Nails: "880 Black Heart" Sally Hansen, "Free Fall," "Vineyard," and "Silver Mercedes" from Pure Ice
Accent Nail: "Free Fall" from Pure Ice and "Party of Five Glitter" from Wet N' Wild

How I did It:
Describing how I did this design is rather easy. You will need at least 3 polishes, an index card and straws. First, paint your nails a base coat and let them dry. Next, place a glob of each polish on to an index card. Then, dip the end of the straw into the polish, place the straw directly over your nail and blow. The paint should splatter over your nail. Then you take acetone and remove any of the polish that didn't land on your nail. I made a few changes to this, because I said before this is a design that is trial and error. First change I made was I coated the skin around my nail with Vaseline. The Vaseline helped with removing the polish around my nail. Because all I had to do was wipe the Vaseline and off came the polish. The other change I made was I painted the polish directly on to the straw. I tried dipping the straw into the glob on the index card. But it didn't work like I wanted and painting a thick layer on the straw worked better. That's all the changes I made, however, I also notice the thinner the polishes were the easier they were to work with. But any polish will do.
Over all this design worked well. I love the way it turned out!!! I would love to hear if you found some other easier ways to create this design, so feel free to comment!

Love and Nail Polish,

Oh my oh so very sweet boyfriend also painted my toes to match my nails!! Didn't he do such a wonderful job!!

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  1. I. LOVE. THOSE. NAILS. :)

    your boyfriend did a great job;)