Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pure Ice

 I saw this at Wal-mart the other day I had to pick it up. Just so I could give it a whirl. This is "Art in Motion" a new collection from Pure Ice.

First you paint your nails a thick coat of "Platinum," which would be the white polish. Once that has completely dried, you get to decide which way you would like to paint on the black polish. You can paint the polish, side-ways, straight, diagonal, or a mixture of both. When you paint on the black polish, it will begin to crackle and the white base coat will began to change colors. The color the polish changes depends on the kind of "Art in Motion" polish you buy. The polish I bought was a purple color so I ended up with light, very pretty purple color! I really like the new Pure Ice collection. However, I could have achieved the same look with a regular Pure Ice polish and Crackle. Over all I liked the way my manicure turned out and the effect was very cool.

Love and Nail Poliah,

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